Tonight's Roundup is dedicated to the memory of Dude Crashing His Ambulatory Device Into A Tree. Get well soon, champ. A lot to talk about, folks, so here we go.

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

DougExeter has slipped easily back into the groove this week, and his Aaron Hernandez comment contains standard Exeter fare: an erudite stab that requires a split-second pause before the punchline falls into place. What's great is the exposition of this very fact in the thread below.

Is it American history jokes week? I think it's American history jokes week. Certainly Same Sad Echo believes so, and this fictive LBJ quote in the King James Boycott update is fantastic stuff. I consider a comment like this exemplary for the faux-verbatim format: a seamless transition that rocks you before you know it, followed by a swift exit. Simple, elegant, and tidy. Well done, Echo.

It's encouraging to see new names actively writing jokes and contributing to the primeval ethos of Deadspin's commentariat. Making his second appearance in as many weeks, then, is kenphelpsbat with this monster story in the Vibram FiveFinger story. Sure, the punchline could be a bit tighter—maybe don't fragment it across two sentences—but the overall anecdote and deflation work extremely well. Welcome aboard, kpb.

I'm beginning to sense that Pleatherface really doesn't like Darren Rovell, and this imagined phone call is a perfect response given the setup in today's Rovell post. Bonus points for the Modest Proposal reference coupled with a call-back to Darren's narco gaffe. Let's hang around the Rovell post, shall we? FreemanMcNeil's this-is-not-a-joke joke is a great line, and just below him, cobra, brah!'s domestic tableau absolutely floored me.


My God, marmol heater's been-caught-looking remark in the Michael Sam Reality TV column makes a perfect crystallization of the bigoted idiocy attached to the whole saga. Aren't you tired, marmol? Just down the street, Milo Minderbinder has some very, very dark humor for you.

Ah, the Motorized Wheelchair Post; shades of that legendary Paraplegic Soccer video from so long ago. Puns and wordplay were the go-to for most, and Joey Tallywacker's concision gets the nod from Your Curator. But don't go just yet, because cobra, brah! penned the Comment of the Day over there. This arrangement could sit on the shelf beside some of SaveToFavorites' better efforts. Minimalist introduction, matter-of-fact nonchalance as the collision occurs, and the back-to-reality conclusion—all unfold perfectly. I love this fucking comment, cobra.

I … I can't … uh, wow. Post ApocalypticRecSpecs dive-bombed the Andrew Wiggins post with literal gallows humor. [eats all of the anti-depressants]


Go read IronMikeGallego's counterpoint to Magary's rant, will you? +1, IMG.

Total Fucking Duds

You want duds? Go find 'em yourself. I can't muster the energy for it tonight. There's a lot left out from today, so give us your personal favorites below. Great work all around, ladies and gents; let's do it again tomorrow.