Well howdy, chuckos. We're just cruising through another excellent week in Deadspin commenting. Something in the water today? Mucho funny-o.

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

I think it's been a while since some solid (ahem) scatology made its way into the Roundup, and this dump from DrColossus in the Soccer Ghost story is some very nice execution.

I liked this snappy misattribution from Milo Minderbinder in the Spurs-Thunder .gif. What's funny is that this comment is exactly the sort of thing that Gregg Popovich would say in that scenario.

A couple of plaudits in Magary's list today: Pearls of Wisdom reshaped the Dante Stallworth gag for a good laugh, while RMJ=H offered up this laugher at the expense of Pat Burrell. Seriously, how did Deadspin get their hands on that list?

RMJ=H actually has two favorites today. This by-golly style of delivery—with cobra, brah! among the better practitioners—is a delicate act to pull off well, and RMJ's contribution earns Comment of the Day. Well done.


Last week's leading rusher MattinglysSideburns gifted us with a fine Emmitt Smith joke in the Huffing Line Coach story, which itself generated a lot of excellent material. DougExeter's "winded" gimmick is also wonderful, and cobra, brah! planted a ridiculous head-shaker.

Total Fucking Duds

I was entirely set to forego the duds tonight, and then I opened the Roll Tide Arrrest story and saw Reeeeick's moronic submission. Reeeeick, if you're reeeeading this, logout of Kinja, delete your Deadspin bookmark, and go find some glass to chew on.


Good work today, everyone. Feel free to broadcast your favorites or omissions down there in the comments. Sleep tight.