A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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It's finally Thursday, September 4th, which means the return of the only thing that many Americans care about (rightfully so). I'll keep the round up short so you can focus on preparing and consuming unhealthy, autumnal foodstuffs in the privacy of your home.

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

I greatly enjoy two things, sex and jokes about sex that are made at the expense of once great American cities. The always reliable pkellen2313 delivered in the Johnny Cleveland post.


Visual jokes don't often do it for me, but this one by RandyVelardesBum was clever and did the legwork. A lesser commenter might have done a "hey-he-looks-like-this-picture-of-ARod," thing and left it at that. Not so here. Nice work.

chid's joke in the Jorge Soler post works because of the framing. It is a series of terrible puns contained within a highly visual framework. Specificity is king in this type of joke, and there's plenty of it here (I certainly didn't know what a Meisterstück 149 was).

Today featured a wonderful Edgar Allan Poe homage by the indefatigable Same Sad Echo. This is a thing of beauty, and it's your Comment of the Day.

You all did an outstanding job with the Madden GIFs. DougExeter's Ferguson GIF was a favorite, but really, these were easily some of the funniest comments of the day.


Total Fucking Duds

So many duds.

How the fuck did this incoherent, ESPN.com-style drivel by Turetto get promoted? If you have a fact-based question of this nature, please familiarize yourself with this resource. The casual usage of the word "retarded" really helps it pop. There is no joke here. There is nothing. This never happened.


Sponsored posts are not a place where jokes happen, but the pending comments here are small talk by way of dumb Seinfeld observation. Have you seen what they charge for tickets these days!??! Refreshments are so expensive! What's the deal with soft drinks!?!?! They're not soft!! Etcetera.

It's difficult to find a more wrongheaded, point-missing comment than this from OurGIII. If this is supposed to be a joke, it does not work. If it is supposed to convey a point, it did not. You can do better than this.


If you want to see an orgy of self-important assholes spout a deluge of reasoning-diarrhea, the "Show Pending" button on the New York Daily News Redskins story is your personal masturbatorium.

Enjoy the game tonight! As always, feel free to leave links to anything I missed in the comments.

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