That's one big-ass picture up there.

Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's a solid dig from Universal Enveloping Algebra in the Dick Vitale Impressions post. I like this joke because it actually has something smart to say about its subject. Also, seriously, this Roundup was a huge pain in the ass to compile. Get it together, Kinja.

I chuckled aloud at this Tourette syndrome joke from Captain Lou in the Lawrence Frank post. God help me. There's a nice little surprise here: scrolling through the comments, you see a lot of different jokes that try to make something of the 13-letter mystery word. You spend the briefest moment thinking SHITCOCKWHOOP is the whole joke, and then the attribution comes and puts a happy little bow on the whole thing. Well done.


What the hell, guys. This is hysterically funny! I laughed aloud at this, from SavetoFavorites in the David Chang post. Some pile of shit wordplay joke that makes fun of itself in that same post got 30 or so recommendations. Meanwhile, this joke gets 4. 4! What the hell. What. The. Hell.

Here's a solid one-liner from The Amazing Sneijderman in the Black Duke post. It just kinda winks in the direction of its punchline, which obviously lies outside the text of the joke. Also, here's a sharp pull in the Papelbon's Ugly Sweater post. Good stuff.


This is really stupid, from fusilliGaryBettman in the Cannon Fire Training post. But? I chuckled. It happens.


Here's one of those delicious misdirection jokes that end up as awkwardly personal self-deprecating humor, from Doug Exeter in the Gayhawks post. I love this stuff. And here's a great little sequence in the Derek Jeter post. Nice.

I am similarly powerless against this particular brand of humor, from Same Sad Echo in the Gayhawks post. So silly. It's really the Trapper Keeper that brings this one home. And I laughed at this dialogue joke in the Derek Jeter post. This is great. We're making this the Comment of the Day.


Here's a clever little lyric joke from Chamomiles Davis in the Papelbon's Ugly Sweater post. It doesn't exactly work, but it's pretty close.


What can I say? I laughed at this curveball from GravitysTebow in the Papelbon's Ugly Sweater post. Jokes about grandmothers are A-OK.

Total Fucking Duds

Here's a big ol' swing-and-miss from Pornstars-for-Wilbon in the Dick Vitale Impressions post. You can kinda imagine the process behind this joke: Dick Vitale - Dicky V - "D" "V" - DV is like VD (!) - how to take this brilliant switcheroo and work it into a joke - Emmitt Smith!!1! I'm not sure the letters D and V are interesting enough to drive a knockout comment, and you can't just bundle up every flimsy idea and pass it off to Emmitt Smith.


Don't do this lazy crap, dope. Hey, remember that other thing! ZING! There's not much there.


And that's it! That's not too shabby a haul of Favorites, all things considered.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your basketball.