Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

I snorted at this dialogue joke from Same Sad Echo in the Christmas Video post. Simple enough and hilarious.

This brief sequence from EditBay in the Cycling Video post is good for a chuckle. Just a clean angle delivered simply and confidently. Nice job.


Here's a super-dark wordplay gag from Raysism in the Cycling Video post. Oof. That is evil. Good stuff.

This joke from DougExeter in the Sammy Sosa post is good for a guilty laugh. At the opposite end of the spectrum, this joke in the Cat Video post is cute and disarming and wonderful. I think . . . yeah, I think this is the Comment of the Day.


This is sort of adorable, from Milo Minderbinder in the Sammy Sosa post. Read the joke, scroll back up to the top, look at the drawing, then reconsider the joke. It's adorable! I love it.


Total Fucking Duds

I hate this kind of thing, from Smoak on the Water in the Christmas Video post. Any comment that can be boiled down to durr that chick is hot should be punted into a black hole.


Fucking lame, Joseph Finn. This is so goddamn lame, in the Alshon Jeffery Interview post. This guy can't do anything right.

There's got to be some way to get rid of shit like this, from burner abigasshat in the Boomerang Goal post. Buh.


Okay! A quiet day. The Sidespin Open Post (below) totally made up for it. Good times.

Sleep easy, friends.