Welcome back, friends. It feels good to be back on schedule, don't it? Say what you will about Mussolini, but the guy got the Calcio Fiorentino matches to begin on time. Roundup!

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

Goddammit that Nick Rose Headshot is too funny. I'm giggling looking at it all over again. I'm also giggling looking at fusilliGaryBettman's understated photoshop. Look at that goddamn thing! Hilarious!

Our second favorite in the Nick Rose picture comes courtesy of RMJ=H, who offered a straight-forward reminisce of everyone's favorite wide-right kicker.

Chamomiles Davis also provided a bit of context that is entirely feasible given Rose's ridiculous fucking coiffeur. It's the shit-eating half smile that really ties that comment to reality, in this Curator's opinion.

I suppose SavetoFavorites enjoyed his lunchtime burger with a side of MDMA, because the Clayton Kershaw Beaning Kimmell post turned into our resident madman's personal (1) playground (2). Were you listening to the William Tell Overture as you wrote those comments, StF?


cobra, brah! returns to the favorites with a felicitous little slapstick in the Ravens Advert. This comment is so straightforward in its delivery, and I can't help but imagine a hint of sitcom laugh-track in the background as everyone yucks it up through the middle of the dialogue.

[taps maestro's podium] Ahem. What's going on here, DougExeter and RMJ=H? It's not very often our colleagues will interact with one another within the comments section, but when it does occur it's always a treat. I often try to imagine what non-regular readers/commenters might think when they see two Idiots firing back and forth in such brilliant stichomythia. Also, props to RMJ for that acrostic. +1, buddy.

Milo Minderbinder brings us home tonight with a fantastic haymaker in the Crying Child post. That's a Plus Juan "stone-cold joke," and that's your Comment of the Day! Congrats, Milo.


Total Fucking Duds

There are few faster ways to earn yourself a dud than to ask "Derp, is Jezebel writing Deadspin articles now?" and The Fire Inside occupies today's installment of Casual-Misogyny-Will-Drag-Your-Curator-To-An-Early-Grave-Or-Barring-That-It-Will-Slowly-Eat-Away-Any-Ounce-Of-Generosity-And-Benefit-Of-The-Doubt-For-Other-People-Until-He-Finally-Volunteers-To-Be-Disemboweled-By-Rabid-Hyenas-Before-Taking-A-Long-Bath-In-Hyrdochloric-Acid.

There's your Tuesday Roundup. I hope it was worth it. Come back tomorrow for more meta-commentary on your commentary, and sleep tight, folks.