Hello again, lads and lasses, and welcome to Tuesday's Roundup. Some really great stuff out there today, and a goodly number of favorites. Come with me.

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

Strong start to the morning all around. Pleatherface hopped out of the gates with some American History humor in the 76ers abortive mascot post.


Approximately fifteen minutes later, the 'Bron Bombshell dropped, and our trusty commentariat did not disappoint. pkellen2313 carried on with his usual quippy self, while Milo Minderbinder wrote a dopey Idiot joke. So stupid. I also liked Madoffs Mets "oh by the way" gag. Keep your eye on this Madoffs guy; I think he's going places.

John, Maddened offered up a very cute continuation joke in the Homicidal Philly Phanatic story that's completely disarming.

Man, Ley's Where Should Lebron Sign post absolutely slayed me, and it was unfortunate that #HOTTAEKS soon muddled the comments in there. Still, MrCondensation made a hilarious "here's another option" pull that's just fantastic. Wow. As the lone gem in that post's sea of shit, I'm giving this Comment of the Day

Wonderful stuff here from ReverseApeChemist in the Arizona Sundogs gimmick. Like SavetoFavorites, RAC has a nonpareil delivery when dialogue jokes come to pass. Yet, where StF stomps on the gas until the finish line, ApeChemist leads you slowly through the labyrinth—pointing out the furniture along the way—for a very satisfying conclusion. Kudos, buddy.


Total Fucking Duds

I'd say pretty much everyone with a pixelated avatar in the Hope Solo story belongs down here. If someone wasn't leveling homophobic taunts, another was calling her a man, and yet another wants to remind us all that he can't control his dick and would like to know her biblically. Fuck men, fuck all of them.


Leave your favorites and oversights below, and get some sleep. I'm expecting big things outta you all tomorrow.