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Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

Goddammit, FreemanMcNeil, this joke is so stupid, and yet here I am, still laughing at your sunglasses gimmick in the Rugby post.

Wonderful stuff from snoop-a-loop in the Texas High School Stadium story. This sort of stab—Texas' sub-par educational system—is to be expected in that situation, but snoop's delivery has a boomerang effect that whacks you in the face upon landing. This is the Comment of the Day.

I can't even begin to describe how long I cackled at this classic skit from marmol heater in the Yaya Touré story. God help me.

Here's is a glorious bit of back-and-forth between The Amazing Sneijderman and cobra, brah! in the Nick Foles Dong story.


It's always nice when big stories bring vets out of the sticks, and ClueHeywood aced the NFL Lawsuit post with classic Deadspinnerism. Swish.

What's Same Sad Echo up to, you ask? He's crafting this just-go-with-me-here gaffe in the Nationals/Lincoln story. It takes a certain type of gymnast to more or less walk the reader through the joke, which I suppose is part of the joke. So dumb. So funny.

Let's see ... ah, yes! Brando used the High School Baseball Coach post as an opportunity to engage the reader in some Exeter-esque style. This comment works so well because, as a newer face, one might think this is just another HOT TAKE, but the midstream U-turn is satisfying and funny. Good stuff, B.


Total Fucking Duds

Good grief, saxgod, not only is this unfunny and rancid, it's not even readable English (props to secretagentman for a witty reply, though).

There's your Roundup, folks. Holler at me down below, and do it right tomorrow.