[sits open-mouthed at desk] What the shit happened today? Someone threw a switch and we're off to funny town. But hey, I ain't complaining. Now where to begin …

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

This imperious bit from dope in the Jameis Winston update is so ridiculous in its delivery that I couldn't help but laugh.

Knock me over with a feather: veteran wordsmith Bevraj of Choice ('sup, dude?) found time to deliver this smart pun in the Winston story as well.

How disarming is fusilliGaryBettman's hysterical rant in the Euroleague Pool Dunk post? I mean, seriously, when was the last time a Highlights joke showed up in Deadspin's comment section?

Madoffs Mets has been on a wicked tear lately, and this expert dialogue in the Shaken Baby post is just perfect. Such a here-then-there turnaround touches on Shitehawk's hot-and-fast mode of delivery for splendid effect.


Holy moly, Nikkolai! Whatever image you have in mind for this gag in the Cain Sandwich post is disturbing and slapstick and downright funny.

My word, Steve U had a banner day. Multiple tweets featured in the #AskCommish post in addition to this brilliant sentence in the Real Racists post. It's the split-second, obligatory pause before the joke coalesces that earns this one Comment of the Day honors (and well-deserved, since even Tim Burke stopped by to offer words of praise). O.G. Deadspin right there, folks.

Your friend and mine, Milo Minderbinder, also had a deep bomb in Haisley's collocation.


Here's The Amazing Sneijderman with some classic hook-line-sinker humor in the #AskCommish Tweets Roundup.

The afternoon saw things slow down, but TheInfantTyrone legged out an idiot question in the Chris Paul post.

Who says the epistolary genre is dead? Pleatherface certainly doesn't think so, and it seems that, instead of commenting today, he hate-wrote a letter to Darren Rovell. Man that's angry.


Total Fucking Duds

God this is so vile, LastScene86. How about a moratorium on any and all "jokes" related to Lolo Jones' reproductive organs?

Say, Juicing, why don't you shut down your computer, get up from your desk, stand at the window, hurl yourself out that window, and never come back. Christ.


That'll do it for me, funny people. Let's hear your personal favorites and omissions below. Voltaire out.