A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Roundup - Tuesday, September 9, 2014

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Today's commenting was significantly better than yesterday's, due in no small measure to the fact that we weren't being face-slapped with Ray Rice updates every half hour. Let's do the thing.


Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

Well howdy do, Sonar Jose! You don't comment so often these days, but gravy! When you do, you make it count. This submission in the Janay Rice Statement blew me away, especially because the reader must keep a few of balls in the air simultaneously: holding the quoted text in mind; moving through the *slicks back hair* vignette; and finally, returning to the quote after reassembling the "misdirected anger" line.


I don't know how much longer Ley is going to put up with Raysism dragging the Bill of Rights into Deadspin's comments, so let's enjoy this well-timed trigger in the Maryland Jerseys post. I'll also highlight RMJ=H's follow-up that turns this exchange into such a whacky two-man goof.

Just down the way in the Maryland Jerseys thing, ReverseApeChemist re-entered Earth's atmosphere and brought with him all the loony dust. It takes a Same Sad Echo or SavetoFavorites kind of mindset to steer toward a polygamy joke there (like, how? why? what even is happening?), and RAC's progression is perfectly simple and straightforward. Good stuff, monkey man.


Burke's Inspiration post was a breath of fresh air, wasn't it? Know what else was a breath of fresh air? Captain Shit and his icedown obituary for Derek Jeter. Goddamn that's ridiculous. Here's your Comment of the Day, buckos.

That Sentient Pizza post had all the ingredients for good jokes; a supreme opportunity, if you ask me. Anyway, here's RMJ=H again with some clever wordplay, and just below have a gander at DougExeter's stupid, stupid Idiot joke. How do you two live with yourselves?


If only I could find a meme or .jpeg featuring Will Ferrell that aptly described the Gun-Wielding Football Parent story. If you see one, send it my way, will you? Oh yeah! There were jokes to be found in there. For instance, Milo Minderbinder asks that you read this mini-skit very carefully and maybe think about the traditional name for youth football in the US. Then go toss him a +1. Further on, Raysism perhaps unwittingly started off a film title pyramid, with notable cameos from Pleatherface, BONG HiTS 4 TEBOW, RMJ=H (ugh, again), MrCondensation, and John, Maddened. Good work, all of you.

Total Fucking Duds

Only one dud today (I'm passing over all of the Very Important Discussion, because fuck that), and it isn't particularly egregious. I've seen notgivingacare give quite a bit of care to joke-making, so by way of constructive criticism, let's revisit this failed dialogue in the afternoon's Pop Warner Parents story. The formatting is good, so it's clear enough who is doing what to whom, but I wonder if maybe you could streamline the action into less dialogue. Moreover, there's no real punchline or kicker in here (go look at RAC's vignette up there for how to round out a scene). Instead, the sketch just sort of peters out with a ham-fisted Manningface drop that doesn't really make a joke. More absurdist humor is needed, in my opinion, but you're on the right track, ngac.


Alright. That'll do it for Voltaire tonight. I had a lot of laughs today, and I'm looking forward to more tomorrow. Drop E's and O's down below, and cheers, chuckos.

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