Favorites and duds from today's commenting:

Moving quickly today.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's a nice inside curveball from Raysism in the Walter Johnson post. That would be a fucking incredible dud from some joke-not-getting idiot using his real name, especially since he doubles down on his turd sandwich, but I'm in a rush tonight. Ray took a shot at the Craig James family as well.

This is really funny, and I hope it's real, from burner bobbeegee in the Dwight Howard post. I don't know if this chick is just nuts or secretly the funniest person on instagram or what, but from my point of view, it's just a funny Deadspin comment.


Nice bait-and-switch from DougExeter in the Best in Show post.

Same post, here's a good bit from chid that uses a frame to put some mustard on a bad joke. I think I have admonished folks in this space for doing this unsuccessfully in the past, but this one works because it's original and timely. In two weeks, it probably won't.


Boy, the Nebraska kicker post was fertile ground, wasn't it? Mantis Toboggan, M.D. showed up and ripped this underrated humdinger for an easy Comment of the Day. This guy has always had a voice of his own, and I'm a big fan. No one else is pulling off that joke. Great work.


Nice, if sad, pull from SonofaPlum in the Olympics Bad Boys post. RIP

Finally, RMJ=H wraps us up with a twofer. The first, a really overtly silly dialogue joke in the Browns Front Office post, managed to end stronger than it began, which is a challenge for this genre. The other was just a good old fashioned insult that won him the comment section, evidently. Too bad they had to shut it all down, I was looking forward to tomorrow!


Total Fucking Duds

If today was exceptionally good for Favorites, it was every bit as good (bad) for Duds. Goddamn, Deadspin comments get more dunderheaded, sanctimonious, lazy and humorless every single day, and it is becoming a serious chore to catalog the bad ones, even critically. It's like crapping in a full porta-john.


This is a disaster.

Fucking auto-playing video in a comment, and worse, it's the fucking Daily Show.


Shut the fuck up, forever, please.

Not a joke. 60 recs.


Defies description. But I'll try. darinh makes a really boring observation. Jackass posts an unadorned video clip, and it's from The Simpsons. Jackass 2.0 replies that he didn't even have to hit play to add to the 58 recs the video received, gets 19 recs himself. terriblehuman (rightly) chimes in to alert darinh that he's already made this stupid joke before (it was more successful last time). What the fuck did anyone do to deserve this trash? Jesus.

Alright, try to recover from this bullshit and have a good night, all. See you Friday, with a new "worst thread ever" if recent history is any indication.