Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

I know it's just me, because of the volume of Favorites in the average Shitehawk or Apprentice Roundup, but I am just not seeing a ton of jokes that I like all that much. Really, it's less that I am reading a lot of bad jokes, and more that I feel like I'm reading just piles and piles of not-jokes-at-all. There is so much discussion and yelling and other garbage.....boy it stinks. But the good jokes are still good.


This is classic SavetoFavorites. For one, he makes two jokes in the same post. In addition, the later joke comes way after the post has gone up and people are done reading the comments. But most of all, it's a tight, deliberate joke with a bunch of character - hallmarks if I've ever seen 'em.


Here's a nice score by Nikkolai in the Browns Prospects post. Look, the Browns are fucking ridiculous. But they're so fucking ridiculous that if your joke is "the Browns are bad", it's just not going to be nearly enough. This one works because of its absurdity, obviously, but also because it's kind of endearing to think of the Browns fans resorting to a straightened out paperclip to fix their tortured franchise. This joke is like Star Wars, to me. I know it's not real, but I kind of want to go live in the universe where it is real.

On the.......less sweet end of the "Browns are bad" spectrum was SameSadEcho with this dialogue-driven slam in the same post. It's not kind to the organization, of course, but there's actual intelligence in it. SSE actually has to set up the joke because there is a joke. A punchline with no set-up is nothing. It's a fucking meme, probably. I'm sure you saw the "Browns Flappy Bird" photoshop floating around the other day. Is that funny? No. It's just junk. Sometimes you gotta work for the damn joke. Thankfully some people around here still get that.


Liked this subtle nod from cobra, brah in the Rangers Photos post. This one has some character too. cobra's voice is sort of meek at its best, with an "aw, shucks!" quality to it that you don't see in more acerbic commenters' jokes. It's nice.


Total Fucking Duds

Wow, I wonder why that is, CosmicDrive00? Dummy.


Am I to believe it is within the power of the people on the other side of the keyboards here at Deadspin to delete or de-emphasize the old, disagreeable comments that resurface with reposts, and yet the power to do something about this offensive trash remains just out of reach? The guy posts a boobs pic. Put it in the grays. That way we don't have to watch it devolve into a misogynistic, masturbatory hatefest.

Finally, virtually every comment on this inexplicable post was predictably terrible. I wouldn't expect an article about a random woman's Facebook breakup to spin off a particularly hilarious comment section, but then again I also wouldn't expect that article to be on Deadspin.


Yours below.