Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Have you just sat back and stared at the Deadspin header recently? All the stupid faces, and Bud Selig picking his nose? That's legitimately hilarious. Maybe it's why the media hates Deadspin so much, this goofy little wreath on the front door. But to us, it's like a preview of all the great funny stuff to come in the comments, right? Well, most of the time. Some of the time. Kind of.

Favorites, in no particular order:

The Lego Super Bowl post had several decent gigglers, my favorite probably being this roastworthy jab from Raysism. A note to the youngling commenters who try to pull an inside baseball fast one and get dumped in the duds: you gotta earn it. He may not have earned the 2012 COTY, but he earned this. (I, too, have earned it). Later, or earlier, I don't remember now, he took a shot (like Carmelo!!!) at the Knicks. Nice.


Right next door in the same post is Rare Endangered Whatever with a well-deserved knock on the Super Bowl itself. I don't even want to think about that piece of shit game anymore. And it wasn't just the game, the commercials were terrible! Actually, they didn't just settle for terrible, they were offensively bad this year. God, what a waste of four hours. I could've been drinking in the dark.

I liked this silly little thing from cobra, brah! in the Toilet post. I like jokes that are funny for their own sake, or goofy, or full of personality. But I am more and more drawn to jokes that have something to say. Even here, where the message is that, Jesus Christ, we have been inundated with complaints and reports from hysterical journalists (justifiably, probably) outraged with their accommodations over the last couple of weeks, there's something more going on with the joke than just a caca poopoo pun or whatever. It's good.


On the other end of the spectrum is this wacky nonsense from SavetoFavorites in the Super Bowl Food post. Him in a nutshell.


Same post, bigger idiot. Universal Enveloping Algebra, who is on a serious tear lately, drops in with an A-Bomb of an eye-roller that just gets funnier every time you read it. You hate to reward this kind of stupidity, but I am what I am. Comment of the Day.

Finally, here's a characteristically sharp little observational pun from Steve U in the Pillow Shortage post. Nice work.


Total Fucking Duds

SimuLord has learned nothing from his last appearance in this space and apparently he never will. Ignore for the moment his execrable views on the homeless, and the correlation he implies between the mentally ill and the "lowlifes, and other dregs of humanity", is this a comment that belongs anywhere near a Deadspin comment section? It's damn sure not a joke, and the thread it spawned is downright gruesome. SimuLord is the reason the "additional replies submitted and awaiting review" button was created. Someone please get this idiot off the main page.


18 recs for a meme reference. Grand.


Now, look. I am mentioning this because it would be unfair to everyone else with a lesser commenting résumé to not do so. I do try to be even-handed here, generally. These Duds/Favorites are based on my opinion alone, and I am an imperfect joke reader. Moreover, RMJ=H deserves more benefit of the doubt than basically anyone, and doesn't need an appearance in the duds like Asshole Q. Jackass up there to get back to ship-shape. But when I read this, my immediate and visceral reaction was that it was insinuating that gay men are no longer physically men. I know - or feel very strongly, at the very least - that this was not the intent of the joke. There's something here that I'm missing, I am sure of it. But I really, really hated having that association forced into my head, and I think that whatever I'm missing punchline-wise, it probably wasn't worth it. Pillory me below.

Happy fucking Wednesday. Pass the cough syrup.