Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's something funny and unique from EditBay in the Bucks' Y2K post. As short stuff goes, I prefer quippy and ironic, and this is my brand of tea. Absurdity is hard to do well, so kudos to EditBay for getting this one right.

So much going on here, from SavetoFavorites, in the Ray Rice post. It's hard to get into StF's head, and even after reading his comments, you feel like you sometimes need An Idiot's Guide to StF's Comment For Dummies. But here's my imperfect interpretation: rather than let the average (and far below) commenter take a stab at the obvious, bad (and far below) jokes, StF takes it upon himself to unearth, dust off, and put a new and interesting shine on the antique Borscht-Belty premises we're always digging up when a big story breaks. And he does it in bulk, and with gusto! And well. Comment(s) of the Day!


Good, smart turn of phrase by TheAmazingSneijderman in the post accompanying the picture of Grant Balfour's unfathomably huge truck.

A dialogue joke? With Andy Reid's weight as the punchline? Well, look, I'm telling you it works. It just does. I'll admit that I liked it better before I read the post, and in so doing, admit that I read the comments before I read the posts in general. But it's still funny, even if it's not totally out of left field. And BlairWalshProject shouldn't be punished for my backwards reading style.


Finally, we have a short and sweet dig at a guy who seems like he might be destined to get plenty of digs over the next couple years, from pkellen2313 in the John Calipari post. That one got a good chuckle out of me.

Total Fucking Duds

I had initially resolved to not include any duds tonight, because it's fun to be positive sometimes. But there were so many incredibly awful things said today, I had to prepare an amuse-bouche of truffled junk trash to whet your whistles.


Here's a nice State of the Comment Section thread, notable for featuring an unfunny and tasteless pseudo-barb from the heretofore unknown WhiskeyBlackout, who is so enamored with it that he feels compelled to share a link to the long-dead Commentist Manifesto in its defense. Gang, here's a clue: the guys who wrote that thing couldn't land a joke in a Favorites any day of the week with Raysism's keyboard. They're not coming through that door to save your idiotic boner joke. The cavalcade of unrecognizable burners calling the lone objector a retard was a great look, though.

There are two jokes on this post that I think are so beyond sad that I'm not bothering to call them out. Here's a rule of thumb, though: a lot of bad comments start out with opinions on a woman's appearance.


Finally, an almost hard to believe display of privilege by utter jackass wavedrop in the Pussy Riot post. Man, it sure is nice to live in a country where you don't have to fight for every single right you ever get. Why don't all the Russians just move somewhere like that? Pig.


Alright, I'll do better next time. See ya