A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Roundup - Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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Well hello again, lads and ladies. Two Roundups in one day. I hope Echo is happy with his Profile in Commenting, because Shitehawk has limited me to 30,000 words/week, and my 'Melo thought-piece is well over 20k at this point.


Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

Well, Pleatherface arrived early and continued the week's hot streak with this macabre headline rewrite in the Luis Felipe Scolari story.


That Taiwanese First Pitch thing is so weird, and Nikkolai dropped by with a gnarly little reversal in there.

Every now and again Your Curator likes to include a comment that isn't a joke per se, but just an astute observation or question that peels the lips back over your teeth. In today's installment of, well, that type of comment, RMJ=H drove a dagger to the heart of the matter in the Anti-Gambling Ad.


I began the day high on Brazil-slamming jokes, and I liked this one-to-one gimmick from pkellen2313 in the Saddest Fan story.

We had one of those Deadspin Classic stories today with that tattooed motherfucker from Chicago, and our Commentariat really shone over there. I liked this clever ball from TheInfantTyrone, a very sharp pun from cobra, brah!, another sharp pun from some rando called DP, and finally marmol heater's homecooking made me gag on my kale and carrots. I love you all.


Three (!) favorites in the Lebron-Sketch Comedy thing: Madoffs Mets wrote a fine variation on the hapless-Andrew-Bynum theme; cobra, brah! garnered his second favorite on the day with a wonderful sketch that is actually, literally, 100% true; and finally, deffrey just went completely stream-of-consciousness for this revolting and slanderously hysterical swipe. Good Lord.

Hee! Everyone go review your historical NBA math and re-read ReverseApeChemist's submission in the Other Plan B's hypothetical. That's crafty, buddy. (EDIT: I'm a forgetful asshat, and this is your Comment of the Day; congrats, Backwards Monkey Scientist.)


Madoffs Mets stuck around this afternoon for a witty punctuation-play in the Lego Scoring thing that's so, so good. Like, the whole things rests on a fucking apostrophe! Wonderful!

Total Fucking Duds

Welcome to the duds, ThisIsWhatMenDo. I've been seeing you around for a couple weeks now, and guess what? Your entire comment history is a total fucking dud. It's a tire fire. It's a dark and horrifying andynarwhal lacking narwhal's benign naiveté. What do men do, exactly? Get fucked, college boy.


Ok, I'm done for the day. I'm tired ... and perhaps a little drunk again. Give us your personal favorites and oversights below, and I'll see you Thursday, suckers.

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