Today was a good day, a good day indeed. One of our all-time hucksters was in-house to remind us how it's done, in fact. A lot of jokes today, but only a handful made the favorites. Let's have a look.

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

After a hearty breakfast, The Amazing Sneijderman plunked a perfect skit down in the morning's Paul George Concussion story. The reader may well have a vague notion of where this is going, but the delivery on the punchline is so slapstick and nutty. Hoo boy!

Speaking of mini-dramas, your favorite playwright SavetoFavorites stopped by the Donald Sterling post with a long bomb. This submission has all the hallmarks of a StF sketch, and I'm beginning to form a typology of this guy's style: a ham-fisted, yet vivid, mode of delivery that is [action]-driven. In this particular case, the globalizing and existential tone come plummeting perfectly to earth as we return to Sterling and Stiviano.

Where do I even begin with this masterpiece of free-association, IronMikeGallego? Should I wax fondly over the rapidity with which the connections come? Should I even attempt exegesis on what is absurd and rich and purple and gold? Or should I speak at length about how this type of shit is why we miss you so much? No. I shan't. Take the Comment of the Day, and take a bow, maestro.

Total Fucking Duds

Nope. Don't have the energy tonight. Supplemental stuff down there in the "Replies" area, if you dare.