This Hump Day was no slump day. If I were to do the math, I might conclude that today's Commentland contains equal parts jokes—or attempts at jokes—and the tired old flame wars we're so accustomed to seeing otherwise. A day like today makes the Roundup write itself, and I couldn't be happier.

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

I'm glad pkellen2313 and others show up for the Morning Screencap posts, because I always like a good laugh over breakfast. This is a tight little DS-centric reference that initiated what I can only assume was a coke-fueled comedy binge on all your parts today.

Channeling his inner Gamboa Constrictor, Milo Minderbinder made an excellent idiot joke in the KD Crying story.

Holy God the James Blake post. Just one hilarious comment after the next. It seems that puns were the order of the day, and cobra, brah! did not disappoint, nor did newcomer kenphelpsbat, whose comment must be read in the voiceover rasp from action movie trailers. snoop-a-loop also made quick work of tennis' scoring system, Rare Endangered Vuvuzela has one you should think about a bit more, and finally, Dick Nickels came out of nowhere with this late ace. Genuine guffaw there, DN. Hey! Great job everyone!

Here's girlwonder in the Matt Williams post with her trademark sententiousness. Sure, the format makes an easy grab, but this is one of those get-in-get-out wisecracks that GW rattles off with elegant ease.


A lot of commenters were chipping away at the same stone in the Jay Cutler post, but Clinton Portishead produced the best stupid name of the bunch. Good to see you back on a semi-relatively-kinda-maybe-once-a-week-or-whatever basis, CPH.

We've got some great soccer minds among us, and The Amazing Sneijderman put his expertise on display in the Helena Costa story. That's just fantastic, TAS. Also, Steve U picked up from where he left off yesterday with a nuanced "women, amirite?" kind of gag.

It's been a while since I've seen a good Todd Haley insult, and Bavettas_Scars makes a Roundup debut via this roller in the Hard Knocks story.


Little known fact about me: I'm a huge sucker for jabs at Michael Jordan's illustrious baseball career. That's why this hilarious swipe from RMJ=H in the Pablo Sandoval thing earns Comment of the Day.

The afternoon's Dinosaur Pitching post offered myriad potential, but perhaps the day's comedown had set in. In any case, kinjaaintworkingforme has a nasty dig at Jamie Moyer over there.

This 3 Stooges skit in the Alex Gordon slapstick post is wonderful, EditBay. Certainly we've wrung just about all we can out of the Prince-Fielder-is-fat gimmick, but EB packages this one in such a way to earn a favorite today. Milo Minderbinder also recognized the potential for cartoonish comedy with this double-take just below.


Total Fucking Duds

I'm only doing one dud today, and that's because this non sequitur idiocy from jfplulz is just so goddamn stupid. This is all duds lumped into one dud. This dud has been dud, is dud, and will be dud. This is the semantic radical of the word dud, the very quintessence of dud. Like, who the fuck cares about your connectivity issues? I sure as shit don't, and Tom Ley probably cares less. Get fucked, asshole.

Really great day today, guys and gals. Get some rest, but only after errors, omissions, and other shout-outs below.