A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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So, it sure has gotten busy around these parts since last week. That's a good thing. On to today: a lot of good attempts but only a few to highlight. Confession: I skipped the post about the ex-NFL cheerleader/accused rapist. If you had a spectacularly funny comment on it, I apologize; I just didn't feel like wading through what I assume was a bunch of awfulness to find it.

Favorites and Duds From Today's Commenting


Congrats to marmol heater, who made a tenaciously combative enemy with his wry one-liner on the Penn State post. One star.


RMJ=H gave us a truly excellent idiot joke in the "Fire John Idzik" post. Two stars for you, dummy.

And, finally, your Comment of the Day comes from The Amazing Sneijderman. Pitch perfect and so very funny. Three suddenly awkward-seeming stars.


I'm not going to do duds today. There were plenty of the usual (gifs only, butthurt comments, offensive shit and the like) but I just don't feel like it.


So yell about what I missed (or whatever else) below.

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