A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Whoo boy, isn't this some sports week? And after a smorgasbord of fantastic comments yesterday, today's Curator was also tasked with picking some pretty damn good favorites.

Let's see em.

Favorites, in no particular order:

After yesterday's Roundup, Fidrych or die tryin's hot hand continued into the night with a goddamn Daryl Strawerry joke. Oftentimes, a favorite may be so smart that it'll make its way here to the roundup based on cleverness alone, but this literally brought tears to my eyes. You absolute idiot. Keep that hitting streak alive.


While we're on the topic of idiots, few ever match the ludicrousness of Same Sad Echo, who seems content to ride this extrapolation of the NFL's shittiness right off the rails into the great beyond. This insanity is then immediately followed by a resurgent Reverse Ape Chemist, who tees off with this incredibly long, winding, almost-lost-me misdirection joke. Glad to have you back, RAC. Also, the emphasis on this dumb eye-opener's presidential switch really makes what could be a flat, edgy for the sake of it joke funny for me.

Winding back a few hours into the postings today, Freeman McNeil had me guffawing at his just plain silly sumo joke. Between it being a fat joke, a reference to Regressing, and just the minimal wordplay involved, I keep on cracking up on this one. Great job, Freeman. Similar in its efficiency, BONG HiTS 4 TEBOW shot a straight-laced retort back at the Angry Michigan Man post that won some well-deserved applause. BH4T had a few decent quips today- you keep that up now.

Jay Sanin continued today's joke run with an aging trope that is just set up so well I had to laugh anyway. The format of this joke is really what elevates it into Favorite territory, and taking the time to frame your punchline can really bring a middling gag up to truly funny levels.

Total Fucking Duds

luv4allmusik, it would do you well to forgo hitting publish if this is your idea of commenting. Saying "I have nothing to say" should speak for itself- put it in your diary instead.


Over in the Drunk Fittish post, Scott Norwood's Agent made an attempt at some long-form humor that really didn't hit home for me at all. I see the effort here, I just can't find any payoff to the windedness of it, and when you're doing long-form, you really have to bring the funny throughout the joke, or have a killer line at the end. Keep at it, Norwood, just bring a little more work to the table on that style of humor. I saw a few more of these types of jokes today that didn't work very well, but it still seemed like there was a large volume of attempts this week- and that's heartening.

Now that we're down to the end, well, you know the drill. Let's hear your favorites, your thoughts, and general chatter below. Have a great night.

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