Ok, all, it was a slow day today. A lot of near misses and few favorites. A friendly reminder to us all: although it feels great when it happens, not every joke that first pops into your head is going to be a fully-formed home run. When you have a good concept, taking a few minutes to make sure that all aspects of the joke (the words you use, the timing, the structure, etc.) are on point can be the difference between being a good effort and making the favorites.

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

Only two today and cobra, brah! provided both. Everyone and their mother liked this one-liner, which works in large part because of its straightforward, sparse delivery. But this, which reads like a dark finger-wag and did not get the love it deserved, is your Comment of the Day.


Total Fucking Duds

There was a lot of shit today, frankly. Dear god, the back and forth on multiple posts about disciplining children.... So, instead of arbitrarily singling out a few duds out of so fucking many:

Please remember that memes in and of themselves are not jokes (neither are gifs or pics, for that matter โ€” though I am coming around to well-done photoshops).

Please stop promoting burners like mickeymouse that say stupid, racist shit like this.

Yell below, as usual, and I'll see you next time.