A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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The Roundup team is back after a long weekend of celebrating and reflecting upon the importance of our nation's most treasured resource: its workers. I assume you all did the same. Now let's do this.

Favorites and Duds from Today's Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

Have I ever mentioned that I like puns? Pleatherface rolled out of bed early and gifted us with a ridiculous one in the Sidney Crosby post. A bit later on, Steve U demonstrated that there is still funny to be found when it comes to that racist Donald Sterling.


Milo Minderbinder had a good day. First, he created an absurd visual in the Dan Snyder post. Later in the day, he had a tight one-liner in the Tom Benson statue post that was 95% idiot, 5% menace. This latter one was your Comment of the Day.

Same Sad Echo made me laugh with a twist ending to some imagined Q&A in the Tom Brady post.

And finally, DougExeter brought an ironic kerning error in the Chicago dick billboard post.

Total Fucking Duds

Call me cynical, but I find it hard to believe that ohnoyoudiint didn't rip this off from reddit or twitter or wherever else it was circulated yesterday. Stealing jokes is bullshit, obviously, but equally appalling is how many Deadspin commenters and readers just don't seem to give a fuck.


For Sweden demonstrates that there is still nothing funny about suggesting that Michael Sam is having sex with his teammates.

As my colleague Colonel Maddox has already pointed out, there is nothing to be gained from replying to duds. And this from DeadspinHatesDisstent, which has way too much stupid to try and unpack in one Roundup, is a dud. When I first saw it today, it was in the grey where it belongs. So this is just a reminder, particularly to Matt, that we all lose when you reply to crap like this.


When you said "[d]on't think anymore needs to be said about" the charges against War Machine, China Lake, you should have taken your own advice and just shut the fuck up. No doubt that War Machine is a terrible person who has been accused of doing awful things but advocating for his rape says more about you than it does him.

So on that depressing note, yell at me below for anything you think I missed and I'll see you next time.

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