Not sure what he's going for on this album, but I admire the openness and honesty, even if I don't quite understand the significance of some of the lines in some songs.

Track 1: "Points to lines, squares to cubes, I was 24 when I first got pubes."

Track 4: "Grabbing boards down low yo banging in the paint, got 14 red hairs from belly to my taint!"

Track 8: "Got dunked on? Posterized? So what I don't care, dog. Got 69 mil and I got that pubic hair, dog."

Track 11: "Vipers got their fangs and monkeys got their tail, came back from my mission with a gosh dang happy trail!"

I have no idea how this will be received by Vibe or XXL, but I have a hunch that they'll see the genius within. Nice work, Shawn.