Everyone's favorite Sidespin institution (not that there's much competition) has returned. For those looking for a break from whatever else goes on in this space, here's a fun little game we hate to play.

For the uninitiated, there are 8 clues. These refer to famous musical stars/bands/acts, but have one letter changed in their names. The letter change should be hinted at in the clues. Person who gets the most right gets a special prize.

Lets begin!

1. This crazy 80’s rocker is known as much for his international assassin skills as for his complete amnesia in remembering lyrics. He wouldn’t even know his last name if it weren’t for his last name.


Ozzy Isbourne (BronzeHammer)

2. This sultry songstress‘ voice would melt even the coldest hearts. Don’t get up in her grill though, it might be the last thing you ever do. Some find her music a little overdone, however.


Char (Morales Turpitude)

3. This modern soul-singing crooner has made his entire career about getting out the message. Specifically, that all articles of clothing should be ironed at all times. Also, make sure to play him in poker, because he sucks.


Ban Folds (Mantis_)

4. Though he’s now relegated to Vegas revues, this singer still reels in the women. And the money. But mostly the women. With whom he has sex. A lot.


Tom Bones (Mantis_)

5. This 2000s buxom pop superstar can’t carry a tune at all, but she’ll be damned if she doesn’t rake in the fans. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea; many find her sexual proclivities to be shameful.


Katy Pervy (MiloMinderbinder)

6. This 2000s rock band began as somewhat of a novelty act, but now has completely sold out. For just a pittance, you can make them perform on command. Oh, they’re also dogs.


Nickelbark (Marmol Heater)

7. Fans flock to see this 90s group wherever they go. They’ve spawned several imitators, including some almost exact clones. Many think their fans are all the same — mindless sheep — but that’s just your opinion, man.


Goo Goo Dolly (Mantis_)

8. This popular rap superstar has been described as non fucking compos mentis, which is just how his fans like him. He scored an impossible to get 99 out of 180 on his LSAT, and still graduated top of his class from law school (Florida, natch).


Jay-D (Mantis_)