Well hey there everybody! It's been quite a heady week since the announcement of the official Sidespin Logo Contest. Some good things have happened - a rocket landed on a comet! Some bad things have happened - the judicial system remains rigged! But through it all, the beacon that is the Sidespin Logo Contest has shined on, like a lighthouse in the fog.

But I just wanted to give a little reminder to the budding graphic designers out there about aspect ratio. As I mentioned in the original post, Kinja recommends a file that is 600 x 80. This works out to an aspect ratio of 7.5 to 1.


In non-nerd terms, that means in order to be any good the logo needs to be long and skinny (ROFL!!!). By way of example, here's a very nice submittal by James Condom, aka BronzeHammer:

But when you shrink it down, it looks like this:



So, while there's still time, please send in your wonderful logo ideas, but keep in the mind the shape and ratio. And Happy Thanksgiving*!


* Not you, Canada