We finally made it. The Final 4 is upon us. And with that, some actual excitement in the standings. Poignant Theater has overtaken first place on the backs of Tom Izzo and his Michigan State Spartans. He was helped by Derry Murbles' choices of Gonzaga and Arizona to make the semis. Remember kids, don't bet against Tom Izzo in March and never pick Gonzaga. Also, it's April now so pay your taxes. (credit to @jonrothstein for those tidbits).

Final Four Games
Kentucky (-5) vs. Wisconsin o/u 138
This is a rematch of last year's Final Four. With any luck, history repeats itself, Frank Kaminsky gets dominated by Towns and Cauley-Stein, and that cute stenographer laughs maniacally as she transcribes Nigel Hayes' tears

Duke (-5.5) vs. Michigan St. o/u 132
Nobody cheers for either of these teams. Bet the under.

The top three as it stands are Poignant Theater (116), Derry Murbles (112), and a two way tie for third between Picks by Dramamine and HiLo Silver (102). There are a couple of different outcomes picked by those in the top ten, which I'll lay out here so you know who to cheer for. My math may be wrong, so if come Monday one of these plays out and the standings don't reflect it, deal.


Scenario A: Kentucky plays Michigan St. in the championship
Derry Murbles wins it all. Picks by Dramanine finishes second and Always winning finishes third. Nobody picked Michigan St. to win it all so the outcome of the championship game does not matter.

Scenario B: Wisconsin wins national championship over Duke or plays Michigan St.
HiLo Silver finishes first. Mr. K Dilkington rockets up to second and Poignant Theater finishes third.

Scenario C: Duke beats Wisconsin in the championship
Poignant Theater wins it all. HiLo Silver finishes second and JacquesLeftFeet finishes third.


Scenario D: Kentucky beats Duke in the championship
JacquesLeftFeet ekes out the win by one point over Derry Murbles. Benoit's Balls and Jay Sanin and his terrible fashion tie for third.

At the shallow end of the pool, the bottom three is already determined. Congrats to Mangini in a bottle for just staying ahead of YnsYuniEday. Cobra, brah! will finish, predictably, in last place.



Final Four Picks