We all know that NCAA men's basketball is full of frauds and "student athletes." Let's join the fun by picking our favorite idiots who are also very good at basketball. No, not this guy. Scoring will be a progressive by round with upset weighting to help keep more folks in the hunt through the latter games. Winner will get a prized tchotchke and bragging rights 140 characters at a time for as long as it takes us to block him/her.

Not a big fan of college basketball? Doesn't matter. You only have to pick once, and it just takes a few simple mouse click. Besides, we all know that the winner is going to be a 42 year executive assistant named Arlene who makes her picks based on her favorite colors and finds out she cashed in on $100 bucks once it's all over. "I picked the Blue Devils? That isn't very Christian. But I do think that royal blue is awfully snazzy."

Sign up through Yahoo's Tourney Pick 'em here or search for it using pool ID #33010. The password is idiotspool. I'll provide updates here and a few observations pre-tourney once all the picks are in.


Enjoy the music and sing along folks.