The opening weekend of the tourney started with a bang and for the most part provided excitement the entire way through.

It also introduced us to the exciting and wonderful Cat Barber of NC State, who provided this gem (audio NSFW):

The biggest idiot in this pool is yours truly, who thought that setting up an upset bonus in the early rounds would make for more exciting shifts in the standings and keep you all in the hunt through the second weekend. Instead we've seen Derry Murbles grab the top spot and leave the rest of the field in his dust. This despite having only the second fewest correct picks (23) and fourteen less than our smartest idiot Batista Thumbs Up (37).

Eight of you idiots managed to come out of the weekend with your Final Four intact, and that group didn't include Mr. Murbles. This leaves an opening for someone else to capture the crown when all is said and done. Mangini in a Bottle has already been complaining like your co-worker Todd, probably because he holds the dubious distinction of being the only person so far to incorrectly pick both teams in the championship game.

Cobra, brah! remains, predictably, in last place.

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