Thank god that's finally over. This is why we can't have nice things you jerks.

In honor of #SNL40, a game for this godforsaken frozen wasteland to warm the heart.

In this game, you will have fifteen clues. Each of the clues references both an athlete AND a famous SNL character or skit. Rules are the same as previous Songspins run by The Amazing Sneijderman, and the athlete may be the before or the after.

The things will be connected by a sound in most cases, not a whole word. For example, if the clue were "What do you call a US soccer player who will tell you how he feels about you in the most explicit terms?" the answer would be Clint Dempsey + Cee-Lo Green, so Clint Dempsey-Lo Green. (All copyright to Sneijderman on this example) Good Luck!

What do you call?

  1. An in-the-know sharpshooter that will guide you to the best places to celebrate Presidents Day in New York City (Stefon Curry: Girlwonder)
  2. A group of dramatic oceansiders will make sure this German rider knows the best route to the finish (The Californians (Jens) Voight: Girlwonder)
  3. A powerful NFL'er who's just got to say so much that we'll never hear from Lindsey (JJ Watt Up With That?: OldBeigeGuy)
  4. A terrible quizzo who's oversized hat just couldn't bear Clay's speed and evasiveness? (Turd Fergusonny Liston: OldBeigeGuy)
  5. A local TV star who was prince of the midairwaves (Wayne's World B. Free : OldBeigeGuy)
  6. A simple man found by scientists whose primitive mind didn't keep him from finding safety on the gridiron. (Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer Milloy: Girlwonder)
  7. A pair of gym rats who weren't strong enough to rush down Pedro Martinez (Hanz and Franzimmer: Benoit...Balls)
  8. A steady diet of government cheese couldn't prevent this golfer from sadly scorning Happy's antics. (Matt Foley Trevino: OldBeigeGuy)
  9. Da best group of guys that should have been calling out the name of the greatest QB to suit up for their favorite team, not Da Coach's. (Bill Swerski's Superfansid Luckman: lyrad axab)
  10. A powerful outfielder who's the cock of the walk in his gold-plated jock strap. (Jay Bruce Dickenson : OldBeigeGuy)
  11. The NFL may not be in his future, but this katana wielding Tiger has many other career options. Hopefully he doesn't get a concussion breaking your sandwich bread. (Michael Samurai Futaba (aka Samurai Belushi) : Girlwonder & OldBeigeGuy)
  12. A feline chauffeur finds gold on ice in Canada. (Toonces the driving Katarina Witt: Joey Tallywacker)
  13. This New Jersey sleezebag would rather spend time promoting his line of kids toys than attacking the pitch. (Irwin Mainwayne Rooney: Girlwonder)
  14. Never a hair out of place, but it's always something, usually a major title, for this links great. (Roseanne Rosannadannika Sorenstam: OldBeigeGuy)
  15. This greatest of lotharios may be persistent in the hotel room, but no financial incentive will get him to give an effort between the hash marks. (The Continentalbert Haynesworth: OldBeigeGuy)