A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Constructive Criticism 101

So, like seemingly 90% of you were at some point, I am in law school. At the end of each semester, we are asked to fill out course evaluations, including a comment box for "any other comments" we may have. As you are about to see, an entire semester (or longer) of class can create pent-up emotions that are most healthily dealt with in this comment box. Those evaluations are then made available to other students, as guidance in registering for classes.

I've had some great professors, and some terrible ones. Here are some other students' comments on two of the terrible ones, insults and spelling errors left intact. None of the evaluations are ones I wrote. Names have been changed to protect the semi-innocent. I don't know who you're supposed to feel bad for: the professors for having to read these about themselves, or the students who a. had bad professors and b. apparently never learned basic grammar yet ended up on a road towards a writing-heavy profession. The second-to-last evaluation is the main reason for this post, but I found a few others worth reading, too. Enjoy!



1. First off, I'd like to make it clear that Professor Jones is a very nice guy, who clearly has a great amount of knowledge of contract law. With that being said, he is generally incompetent when it comes to actually teaching the material. He mumbles, switches thoughts mid-sentence, goes off on tangents, and generally cannot adequately convey a comprehensible lesson. After reading past evaluations and student surveys, it is clear that my comments are consistent with everything i have read, and clearly he will remain a teacher at [School] no matter how incompetent and unworthy he remains. Contracts is a very complex subject, and allowing him to teach is really a disservice to future incoming students. I don't understand how [School] expects to be considered a prestigious law school when you have people like professor Jones teaching first year students.


2. Jones absolutely cannot teach, and it is awfully cynical of the administration to keep putting him in front of 1L's each year. Literally anything I know about contracts was from teaching myself. He's literally the nicest man on the planet, but it was as though he was speaking in a foreign language, from day 1. Every minute of this class was just a complete and total waste of time.

3. Professor Jones clearly has a command of contracts, but he unfortunately lacks the ability to present the material in any logical, organized, or understandable fashion. This class has been a year long struggle to teach myself a complex subject using a terrible text book and incomprehensible class notes. Everything about this class is a mess of disorganization and I fear that I will never understand this subject at the level of other 1Ls who had different professors.


4. …I feel like I lack a basic understanding of contracts and not only is this embarrassing for [School], but for me as well since I'm going to (theoretically) be a lawyer and this is a major part of being an attorney. Not only has [School] done their students a disservice, but the legal community as a whole...

5. Don't listen to anyone! The best prof ever!


1. i think it a shame to waste good course with this professor, it is urgent for [law school] to do something about the lack of options that they offer for corporate courses, this professor is not good at teaching she might be very intelligent but she can not get the material across. In conclusion i am very disappointed and angry with having being forced to take this course with this professor in order to obtain the concentration in coporate. DO NOT ENROLL IN CLASSES WITH THIS PROFESSOR!!


2. Terrible!!!!

3. Dear Administration, I assume you do not read any comments, therefore you probably won't be reading mine, nevertheless, in the slight chance somebody who has some possibility of making a change, I extend my thoughts. Smith is smart. She's funny. She's knowledgeable on certain topics. However, this was one of the worst courses I have ever taken in Law School. I have an interest in Corporations, so I am disappointed I took the course with her, rather than [good professor], who is lauded by all. Smith has ZERO class participation. Her 'lecture' (more precisely incoherent rants) are not structured and easy to follow. She doesn't present the material well. She isn't an engaging professor. Nevertheless, what I have wrote isn't new information. Students who have taken Smith, regardless of year or course, all complain she is a terrible teacher. Yet, this stupid administration who has cares nothing about student input. Otherwise, they'd read the comments. This isn't to say Smith isn't great at lot of other things. She is very intelligent and knows the material. She just can't engage because she i very pompous and only wants to hear herself speak. Therefore, she goes on non-stop rants about lord knows what. Since she has incoherent 'lectures', she isn't a good teacher. STOP LETTING THIS WOMAN TEACH. This is a breach of duty (pun intended) for a law school, which accepts close to $50,000/year in tuition to be teaching its students that its ok to be negligent in who teaches them in their important courses. READ THE COMMENTS FOR ANY OF SMITHS CLASSES. THIS SCHOOL IS DEPRIVING ME OF MY MONEY AND INSULTING ME WITH GIVING SUCH LEVEL OF TEACHING. [PROFESSOR’S FORMER SCHOOL] MAY BE A GOOD SCHOOL BUT IT DONT MEAN THEY TRAIN TEACHING. If Smith happens to be reading this, I appeal to you to please decline to teach any more courses unless you evaluate your methods. You are a smart woman and I am sure you can change. I wish you just had a better way of teaching. I am sorry. You are great at being a lawyer and telling us of your rugs in your old law firm, but you're teaching just straight-up sucks.


[This comment has been edited to remove inappropriate language.]

4. Thank you!!!

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