A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

So You Had A Favorite Writer, eh?

Well, give up on reading their stuff around here again! Univision means business. So, in light of how shitty things will become around here, I would like to offer my consulting to the Univision masters to improve their experience.

First off, take a look at these sites you run. There are too damn many that suck. The worst is Earther. I don’t particularly read it. Unless it’s shared to another sister site, neither does anyone else. That’s not to say it’s terrible content. But, there is too much here that can easily be rolled into Splinter. Lots of holier-than-thou dicks in there. Great place to keep them all together!


On that same note, I understand you own Fusion. Fusion should just be a sub of The Root. The Root is entertaining. I have read Fusion before and couldn’t stick around, though I am Latino. Let The Root teach Fusion how to have a sense of humor. Fusion is basically just another of these GMG sites, anyway.

Lifehacker isn’t really about life hacking anymore. So, why not change the title or just bring back Andy Orin to get things back in order. Without him, the site has been questionable. I do like some of the writers there, but there needs to be a re-focus of energy to create content that is appealing to the readership.

Kotaku is good. The Takeout is good. io9 is great without Giz. Giz is good without io9.


Now, let’s talk sports. Deadspin, a home for many truants and deviants, needs to keep Magary for football season. It needs more articles about the NCAA being a bunch of greedy bastards. It needs more Hulk Hogan articles, like how he’s supposedly hiding assets from his ex-wife. Good stuff! I’m sure he won’t sue. Probably. Maybe. Don’t take my word for it.

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