Inspired buy good old what's his face down there, it's another round of Songspin! Like last time, we're not doing any letter substitutions. Instead, this is a Before & After edition, that includes candy! Because candy, amirite?

Each of the clues references both a candy AND a song/artist. The candy name may come before or after the song/artist. In general, things are connected with a whole word, but not always, and almost all of the candies are their proper name, not something general (e.g. Hershey's vs. chocolate bar).

Example: Who says Perry Farrell's relevance ended about 20 years ago, and also he eats the world's worst fucking candy? Mary Jane Says.

Here we go! Weeeeeeee!!

UPDATE: Hints!

1. Blow a bubble? Nope. Blow something else? Oooooooooh yeah. (Chiclet's Get It On, BatmansRobyn, although I should really give it to @Toboggan_ out of spite)


2. You'll be glad to know these are sulfite free, so no worries about allergies or hangovers. (Red Red Vines, @REVuvuzela, with apologies to sood for leading him off-track)

3. All About The Benjamins: The Harry Belafonte Story (PayDay-O, BatmansRobyn)

4. Even in the shittiest of neighborhoods, the sun still shines. (Ghetto SuperStarburst, pleather_face)


5. Rumor is, this famous composer traveled into the future but died tragically after eating one of these and drinking a Coke. (Pop Rock Me Amadeus, JDD)

6. Sure, candy should be addressed with respect, but c'mon, this is overkill. (Mr. Mr. Goodbar, @Toboggan_)


7. "Sorry we're late, there was some trouble at ho-"
"I mean, I... I fell down the stairs. On accident."
"That's what I THOUGHT you said." (Mike & Ike Turner, Big_Sloppy)

8. Fine fellas, if you insist, but they ain't that spicy, and you break it, you buy it. (Drop It Like It's Hot Tamales, @Toboggan_)


9. Preferred sweet of recently registered voters and Baywatch aficionados everywhere (18 and Life Savers, @jimlohmar)



It's my understanding that in addition to rotational forces, it formed by accretion from the solar nebula, with volcanic outgassing creating an oxygen free environment largely unrecognizable to modern-day humans. Without oxygen, the chemical reaction which you are describing would, in fact, be impossible and therefore is not an accurate measurement of planetary time. Can you clarify? (We Didn't Start The Fire Ball, Captain Gladys Stoatpamphlet, just edging out Erg)