Welcome back to another edition of America's favorite game: SONGSPIN!

Rules are the exact same as last time, though this time it's only bands/artists, no song titles.

Feel free to leave answers at the bottom of the page, or hit me up on Twitter. Posting a guess legally waives your right not to be made fun of. I should know, I might be a lawyer in a few years.


Lets have at it.

What do you call:

  • 1. A one-hit wonder who ponders deep questions of romance while being the greatest scorer in history? Haddawayne Gretzky (Captain Gladys Stoatpamphlet)
  • 2. A Grammy-nominated rapper who used to have the record for gold medals? Kendrick Lamark Spitz (Jay Sanin)
  • 3. A NBA HOF center whose favourite is the one with the poofy hair? Hakeem Olajuwone Direction (TDK)
  • 4. An early-era rapper who passes the rock as well as any PG currently in the league? Slick Ricky Rubio (retortorella)
  • 5. A modern soul-singer who sleeps with all her friends' mothers? Adelonte West (SteveU)
  • 6. A former 5-time NFL Champion who you just wouldn't understand us now, ok, it's art, man, it's expression, brah? Bart Starrcade Fire (SteveU)
  • 7. A MLB HOFer who's the spitting image of a band that just wanted fornication and fudge? Roberto Alomarcy Playground (SteveU)
  • 8. The original white diva who refused to perform when she had a major conflict? Barbra Streisandy Koufax (SteveU)
  • 9. The group that offered a stern response to authority while scoring tons of goals for her country, the USA? Public Enemia Hamm (BlairWalshProject)
  • 10. A former Red Sox and A's closer who had a tendency to remain on the mound? Dennis Eckerslisa Loeb (Jay Sanin)
  • 11. An 80s rock band that traded for a bunch of tattoos in college? Twisted Sisterrelle Pryor (SteveU)
  • 12. A former Celtics center who was murdered at 23? Bill Russelena (GirlWonder)
  • 13. A QB who swears he's not gay but does listen to a lot of showtunes? Aaron Rodgers & Hammerstein (BatmansRobyn)
  • 14. A current NBA SG with the Nuggets and Magic who has a boat and is a bit quick on the trigger? Arron Afflalonely Island (BlairWalshProject)
  • 15. A heavy metal band that developed after a decorated career at the University of Michigan? Iron Maidenard Robinson (Mantis)