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Songspin: Before & Afturrible

Let's do this.

Rules are the exact same as last time, though this time it's only bands/artists, no song titles.


Feel free to leave answers at the bottom of the page, or hit me up on Twitter. Sorry for the delay.


* * *

1. This sharp-shooter can't miss from downtown, but is always uptown. Really sucks, almost tragicomic. Weird, perhaps. Ray Allenis Morissette (Sgt Hammerclaw)

2. This early 90s "rapper" didn't have a romantic relationship with the Jets, and left the team to sign with the Bucs. Biz Markieshawn Johnson (FloriTexaYork)

3. This point guard, determined to prove he wasn't a flash in the pan, transitioned from folk to rock during a decades-long career. Jeremy Linda Ronstadt (Sgt. Hammerclaw)


4. You may have no idea what he's saying, but you do know that he couldn't throw a football accurately or avoid a sack to save his career. Pearl Jamarcus Russell (fusilliGaryBettman)

5. This phenomenal guitarist and singer had sex with one of his teammate's wives. That was definitely the worst thing that ever happened to him. Eric Claptony Parker (marmol???? AND Mantis)


6. This former power forward turned broadcaster pondered how survival works when he broke out at 15. Charles Barkleyann Rimes (Jeter678)

7. He may not play in St. Louis, but this oft-concussed hockey player knows his blues. Sidney Crosby B. King (Capt Stoatpamphlet)


8. This Irish artist is often described as "incredibly lazy and often late," and is said not to "play the music the right way." Enyasiel Puig (Jay Sanin)

9. This archetypal New York rapper once led Brazil, Barcelona, and the Kentucky Derby. Cam'ronaldinho (Jay Sanin)


10. This famous basketball coach was known for his two-person offensive sets, until one of the players hit a tree. Phil Jacksonny & Cher (rubdirtinittakealap)

11. This arena rocker and his group like to relax by hitting the links on a Pacific island and using deer antler spray as if it were cologne. Bon Jovijay Singh (Capt Stoatpamphlet)


12. People think this quarterback will be the downfall of the league, and his music makes a strong argument that mankind just wasn't made to make sounds. Colin Kaepernickelback (marmol)

13. This 2000s rock band is never in control, especially when they go to the club, and has a competitive spirit that makes a giant viper look like an earthworm. Panic! At the Discobe Bryant (Jeter678)


14. One of this booming rock band's most famous songs was inspired by a certain baseball pitcher waddling to the mound. AC/DC.C. Sabathia (Same Sad Echo)

15. The only thing longer than this famous baseball player's streak was his irrelevancy as an early 2000s boy band. Joe Dimaggio-Town (rubdirtinittakealap)

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