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SONGSPIN: Before & Aftyrranosaurus Rex

It's back! Everyone's favorite game!

This time, the clues are introduced in the order of the names, meaning that if the first part of the answer is the artist, the artist clues will go first in the sentence. Pretty simple, and goes both ways — some start with an athlete and others with an artist.


You can answer here on twitter, too.

Lets get started:

* * *

1. It didn't take poison to do the deed, but rather a knife for this former running back. Allegedly. Bell Biv Devoe J Simpson (FreemanMcNeil)

2. This young National-League backstop is still learning his place in the Bigs, such as when to let the veterans talk, and what happens when he doesn't clean dust his locker for a while. Travis D'Arnaud Doubt (SteveU)

3. Still looking for the right word with which to introduce himself, this young QB has had a rather chilly start to his career and has already been benched. Lionel Richie J. Manuel (TheEricFulton)


4. It may be that this come-on enraged his opponents last season, but this cornerback knows how to back up all the trash talk. Six Pence None the Richerd Sherman (Pleatherface)

5. This rookie defender in the NFC has turned heads for the way his team is crushing opponents, especially those in the south, and how he appears to be in harmony with his teammates. Ha-Ha Clinton-Dixie Chicks (SteveU)


6. It's no wonder that this band's hit song was so active, and how much a college basketball star loved them, given how much cocaine they took. Van Halen Bias (fusilli GaryBettman)

7. Some have called this singer's methods crazy, but if an oft-injured wide receiver would just listen to it, he might not find himself on the injury table so much. Marvin Gaye J. Green (TheEricFulton)


8. This golfer had a pretty woman, then let her go. And no, it's not Tiger. Rory McIlroy Orbison (magic tweeter)

9. This singer probably wouldn't be too impressed by this international soccer player's hair plugs. Shania Twain Rooney (SteveU)


10. This former Kentucky Wildcat forward hears the boos, the insults, the hisses, the groans, and the disses for his woeful jumper, but he knows it doesn't matter what they say about him on the outside. Michael Kidd Gilchristina Aguilera (Ultralone Girl)

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