1. Powdered lemon-lime Gatorade

2. Powdered orange Gatorade

3. Gatorade (glass bottle — discontinued)

4. Gatorade (aluminum can)

5. Orange Gatorade (plastic bottle)

6. Dark blue G2 (plastic bottle)

7. Water

8. Any other G2 (plastic bottle)

9. Any other Gatorade (plastic bottle)

10. Chocolate milk

11. Defizzed Coke

12. Any scientific sports drink formula that is sold in a running store for twice what you’d pay for Gatorade

158. Having a guy drink a bunch of Gatorade, and then pee straight into your mouth

379. Powerade

12,567. Having a guy drink a bunch of Powerade, and then take a dump straight into your mouth as you’re being hit by a car



21,430. All Sport