With summer coming to its inevitable close, the siren song of education calls to me. I can no longer spend my days idly, day-drinking and thinking of things to write about on this fine site. Therefore I ask that all of you, the whole dozen or so who actually frequent our little hole in the world, to contribute more. If you’ve been writing, keep it up. If you’ve been lurking then try your hand. If it sucks, well we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. The main thing is to be original. I don’t care if you’re funny or not.

With the rebirth/re-branding of Sidespin to Gawrker, I hope we keep our writing and reading up. The reason Sidespin petered out was because there was nobody really contributing, myself included. I hope that you will all take this opportunity to demonstrate what you can do. I’ll go back to doing movie re-reviews, I’ll do album recommendations, and some other stupid shit. I will also do my best to keep G!ULP going. However if by some chance it hasn’t posted by 9:00pm, feel free to make one yourself and pimp it on Twitter or in DUAN (I’m sure they love when I do that).

That being said, quit fucking reading this and get to writing.