A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Sweet 16, Game 8: Farewell, ToeMAYtoe

Pay your respects below.


Jesus, we've seen a lot of talented names on these tombstones! Someone good must have won, right?

Well, not really. But these guys did — how about a round of applause for your Elite Eight:

Game 1: RMJ=H def. FreemanMcNeil

Game 2: Sonar Jose def. Doug Exeter

Game 3: Bring Back Anthony Mason def. EditBay

Game 4: fat-leaveher def. Eddie Murray Sparkles

Game 5: ClueHeywood def. Same Sad Echo

Game 6: SaveToFavorites def. Post ApocalypticRecSpecs

Game 7: DubaiAtNight def. Raysism (OT)

Game 8: SponsoredbyV8 def. BronzeHammer.

We will have another rules and regs post tomorrow, just so you all know how this will work for the rest of the tournament. If any of the winners want to go ahead and email/DM me with dates that work for them next week, that would be great. And I don't want to hear about your fucking bar exam. This is the Tourney, baby.

Gripes and gloats go in the comments.

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