A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Team with Fewer Moral Failings That Let Notable Superstar Player (Bryce Harper) Leave in Free Agency During HOT FUCKING STOVE-period Wins Game 7 of Championship Matchup Against Team That Employed a Sniveling, Serpentine Bad Man and Defended Him When He Said Female Reporters Were Liars After He Yelled At Them That He Was "So Fucking Glad" His Team Acquired a Known Perpetrator of Domestic Violence Because He Was A Little Snowflake Who Was Offended By a Domestic Violence Bracelet and Then They Fired Him After the Facts Came Out In Case You Weren't Paying Attention--They Were The Losers in a Matchup Where the Road Team Won Every Game, BABY!

Look at these fuckin’ guys!
Photo: David J. Phillip (AP)

I’m doing my best to report the facts of last night’s sports things and I think I’m doing pretty good, TBH. 


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