Chapter 1: Introduction

Why, hello everyone! My name is Puddles, and I'm about to go on one heck of an adventure!

For the past few weeks, I've been living on a submarine. How, you ask? Well, it seems that my owner (who works on here) couldn't leave without his "best mate" in tow! He smuggled me aboard in his luggage, and by the time anyone discovered me, it was too late to send me back to shore. So I became their mascot! I'm just a pup, so I don't know anything about submarines. But I trust the guys on here. The friendly pats on the head and their reassurances that I am indeed a good boy let me know that they have my best interests at heart. They wouldn't let anything bad happen to me. I just know it!

So far things have seemed pretty routine here. People going around doing who knows what, but never seeming all that excited while doing it. They must be preparing for something important. I hope we go somewhere exotic. Heck, I hope we go anywhere! I'm very restless. I'm so young, and have so much of the world to see!


But wait! All of a sudden, a man runs into the room. He's one of my buddies too. He tells one of the other men (a taller man, who I think is the alpha of the group) that there's an urgent problem with the Engines. The Engines? I don't even know who they are or where they live! The taller man seemed to, though, and got very serious.

"Tell the men to prepare for rapid ascension," the tall man said. "Aye aye," said the other man.


Things got really serious among the crew then. All of a sudden, I hear a loud bang that startled us all. The submarine began to drop deep in the ocean very quickly. That must be the Descenders kicking in, I thought. I may be naive, but I can pick up on a few things here and there.

The men in the main room were really working hard now, and they really seemed stressed. They were yelling commands and information at each other, and running around this way and that. I decided to get out of the room. Being among the action is one thing, but being underfoot is another!


I can still hear the men. They are running around loudly and yelling about how they need their "oxygen." So that must be what we're trying to get with this mission. Are those Engine people trying to keep whatever the heck "oxygen" is from us? Let's take 'em out! Me and the boys have got this!

It's getting foggy in here. Should it be getting foggy? Heck, I don't know. I'm just a puppy!


Things are starting to get more quiet among the men. They must realize they have a job to do. Hope nothing bad happens to them, or to me. We have a very important mission to fulfill!

Black smoke fills the room now. Weird. I'm getting awful sleepy now. Think I'm going to go down to the... to the... actually, I'm just going to go to sleep here. What's the harm in that, right?


That means I'm going to have to cut this a little short, but never fear! I'll be back with more... back with more adventure in the... with the Chapter... Oof. Really sleepy. So sleepy it's hard to... hard to breathe. Go to sleep now. Must be rested. The boys... the boys need me. And you need me. What kind of story would this be without the narrator?

So until next time. I'm... I'm Puddles, the luckiest dog... luckiest... lucky dog. Lucky happy dog. Goodnight everyone!


Next Week- Chapter 2: And Away We Go!