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The Beer Feels Blog

Welcome to the first installment of Beer Feels, where we rate how a beer feels in your hand. First up, Pacifico.

I grabbed a sixer of this classic Mexican lager at the store, but knowing I wouldn’t be home for a while, I didn’t get it from the refrigerated section. So the first bottle I grabbed felt warm. Nice long neck feel and a fibrous paper label providing a nice juxtaposition to the smooth, warm glass of the bottle. I put the bottle in the fridge and about a half an hour later, I pulled it back out. Now the glass felt cool against the skin of my hand. The neck was just as long, but the paper label was a little wet, as if it had begun to perspire. I decided to put it back in the fridge for a while. I grabbed it about two hours later and, man, was it cold. Icy cold glass, just like you want from your beer. HOWEVER, the paper label had developed a distinct soggy feel that some may not appreciate. I think it’s totally worth it for that cold beer bottle feel though. Finally, I decided that I wanted to see if this beer could get truly cold, so I put it in the freezer. Frankly, I then forgot all about this exercise in beer feeling and didn’t remember I put a beer in my freezer until the next morning. When I reached in to grab the beer, I cut my hand in several places on what felt like cold, broken glass. Well sir, I must tell you, I did not like this feel. It felt sharp and ouchy. Not a good beer feel at all. Sorry Pacifico, 1 star.


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