A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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The Best Comments of 2014 [Update]

Confession: I've been bookmarking some of your hilarious comments over the course of this year. Granted, this is literally just a long list of comments I'd found funny enough to bookmark upon seeing them. And as for the length of this list, I figure it's either a reflection of your outstanding wit or my outstanding stupidity. More than likely though, it's both.

All of these comments are great, but since this list is so goddamn' long, I've used bolded links to indicate some of the standouts. The list is in alphabetical order, by commenter. Format is:


Title of post with link to comment.

Give it a cursory glance and you'll notice the usual suspects. Now, with that being said, this is a living document. It's definitely not complete, whatever that means, so I encourage you to reply with any additions and I'll amend it accordingly.


Likewise, if you think a comment shouldn't have been included, but was, I encourage you to light yourself on fire as a sign of protest.

Organizing and reformatting all of these took way longer than I'd expected – way too fucking long. What is wrong with me? Christ. Anyways, enjoy the contents of my "good shit" bookmark folder below.


Happy 2015, idiots. Cheers.


Aww, shucks! Must’ve forgotten to include my “Ray’s good shit” folder the first go around!



They take to Twitter! Savages, leave a fucking comment!


I’m constantly updating this fucking thing, so this will be the last notice of an update.



Self-submissions will no longer be accepted. Okay, now see (3).

The Amazing Sneijderman:

Youth Hockey Coach Fired For Being A Big Fan Of The Nazis

Little Badass Sends Autographed Jersey To J.J. Watt

Greek Soccer Coach Takes A Cup Of Soda Right To The Face

Seahawks CB DeShawn Shead Proposes To Girlfriend After Game

Cops: Substitute Teacher Gave H.S. Footballer Oral Sex During Pep Rally

Reports: Donald Sterling Steps Aside, Wife To Sell Clippers

Arthur Digby Sellers:

Redskins QB @RGIII is in fine company on Feb. 12

Bevraj of Choice:

76ers Sign High School Student With Down Syndrome To Two-Day Contract

Bring Back Anthony Mason:

Jose Canseco Accidentally Shoots Off His Middle Finger

MSU's Dillon Day Suspended For Stomping Shit Out Of Two LSU Players

Captain Gladys Stoatpamphlet:

Coach Fired For Playing In High School Girls' Soccer Matches

No, There's Not A Ski Jumper Named Cunty Spunkfuckshitpiss

College Scores 109-Yard Punt Return TD In First Ever Football Game

Carrie Hunt and the Spoonerisms:

Marcin Gortat Wants The NBA To Allow Fighting

Chamomiles Davis:

Sportswriter Fired For Calling Louisiana City "Worst Place In America"


1,500 Bricks Of Heroin Seized At House Owned By Former Steeler

I Guess Any Part of The body is Up For Eating

cobra, brah!:

Jameis Winston To Sit One Half For Yelling "Fuck Her Right In The Pussy"

Four Bodies Found In Fire At James Blake's House

USC Player Quits Team, Accuses Coach Of Being Racist

The Rangers Took Their Team Photos In The Bathroom

It's Good To Be Rich Enough To Buy A Basketball Team

Jim Irsay To Be Charged With Two OUI Misdemeanors

Curtis Wenis:

Kent State Lineman Dies In Apartment

Warren Sapp Stiffs Waitress For Calling Him And His Friends "Boys"

Motel For Stray Dogs Near Sochi Has Roughly 100 Occupants

Oldest Former MLB Player Dies At 102

Dave Algonquin (WWTD?):

The Ultimate Spin

Nobody Wants To Host The 2022 Olympics


Curt Schilling Has Disproved Evolution


Ray Rice Arrested In Atlantic City After Altercation With Fiancée

NFL Writers Are Mad At Michael Sam Because NFL Writers Are Clowns

Referee Ejects Unruly Front-Row Memphis Fan


Falling Beam At Indiana's Assembly Hall Is Metaphor For Something


Josh Lueke Is A Rapist, You Say? Keep Saying It.

Coconut Water Not All That Good For You, Also Lousy And Gross

Cyclists Confuse Laundry Soap For Sports Drink, End Up In Hospital

Delusional Rec-League Softball Coach Has 11 Insane Questions For You

9-Year-Old Girl Skateboarder Lands 540

The NFL's Top 50 Player Sales List

NBA Bans Donald Sterling For Life

How To Watch The Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony Live

Meet Lucy Li, The 11-Year-Old Golfer Playing This Year's U.S. Open

Emilio Delle Banjo:

Please Adopt This Cat Named "Eli Manning"

Fidrych or die tryin:

Lana Del Rey Thinkpieces, Ranked

Check Out These Baseball Dogs At The White Sox Game

Fred Merkle:

"Dear...Hero": Dan Gilbert's Comic Sans Letter, Edited For 2014 LeBron


Please Do Not Try To Punch This Photo

A Whole Lot Of Ravens Fans Turned Up To Exchange Their Ray Rice Jerseys


Arizona Police Postpone "Run From The Cops" Charity Race


Jack Nicholson Left A Little Kid Hanging At The Clippers Game

There are two things wrong with this picture. Can you find them?

Jonathan Martin Listed Reasons To Leave The NFL: "Won't Die From CTE"

The Infant Tyrone:

The Dunk Contest Field Has Been Announced, And It's Not Terrible

Insert Clever Name:

ESPN Suspends Keith Law From Twitter For Defending Evolution [UPDATE]


Keith Olbermann Has Seven Ways To Grow Soccer In The U.S.

Shitty Sports Radio Dude Calls Erin Andrews A "Gutless Bitch”

Jay Sanin:

The Niners Are Fucking Stupid

Cardinals Fans Get Ugly In Clash With Ferguson Protesters

LeBron James To Sign With Cleveland: "It's Time To Get To Work”

Joey Tallywacker:

Brazilian Bobsled Goes Airborne

Tom Brady Shares His Old Resumé

California Teens Hold NFL-Style "Prom Draft" To Pick Dates

Padres Trade For Justin Upton, Are All The Way Out Here

John, Maddened:

Ryan Fitzpatrick's Kid Shows Off His Elite Math Skills

Madoffs Mets:

Staying In Sochi Is A Hilarious Adventure

Some Fools Are Selling Darren Wilson Cardinal Shirts

Paraplegic In Robotic Exoskeleton Performs World Cup First Kick

A Non-Exhaustive List Of Johnny Manziel Dirt We Will Actually Pay For

NBA Players' Union Calls Lack Of A/C "Completely Unacceptable"

Oscar Pistorius reacts as he was cleared of the most serious charges

Idiot Father Shakes His Baby Around While Diving To Catch A Home Run

Which Sports Baby Is The Best Sports Baby?

FIFA's First Post-World Cup Rankings Are Out

Mangini In A Bottle:

Sheepherding Dog Is Very Bad At Herding Sheep, Still Very Cute

Insane Handbook: Bills Cheerleaders Are Told How To Wash Their Vaginas

marmol heater:

Here's Mark Jackson Doing Some Intense Sidewalk Preachin'

UEFA Emergency Panel: Russian And Ukrainian Teams Can't Play Each Other

How To Legitimize Bigotry: Embrace Debate

Marlins Dad Abandons Son For Ground-Rule Double

Cowboys Player Under Investigation In Alleged Sexual Assault Case

Spurs Hire Becky Hammon As NBA's First Female Assistant Coach

CBS Instructed Pregame Broadcasters To Avoid Calling Anyone Out


Prospect Who Left Combine Because Of God Spent Three Days In Airport

Metta World Peas:

The Hater's Guide To The Sochi Olympics

Milo Minderbinder:

Tiny Bruins Fan Gets Daps From The Whole Team

Rajon Rondo Gets The Troll-Scout Treatment

Terry Francona Goes To The Mound To Tell Pitcher He Made The Team

Speech Competition Punctuated With Kid Blowing Chunks On Medal Stand

I Can't Stop Shitting Myself: Possessed Woman Attacks Fellow Train Rider

Who Is The Real Racist, According To The Internet?

Jamaican Newspaper Has Some Sick Burns For Lorde

This Is Not How You're Supposed To Throw A Jump Ball, Ken Mauer

Kid Falls Asleep At The Wheel Of His Tiny Tractor; Tractor Keeps Going

Mired in The Grey/Morried in The Gary:

Painted Outfield Wall Makes For A Great Optical Illusion

Nick Young Is Now Part Of The Snoop Lion-Iggy Azalea Beef


This Picture Of Three Browns Fans Is Pure Sadness


If You're Going To Make Chris Berman Stand Up To Cancer, Put Him On TV


Let The Burning Of The Jay Cutler Jerseys Begin

Pistons Fire Coach Mo Cheeks; Nobody Bothers To Tell The Players

Lebanese Olympic Skier Under Fire For Topless Photoshoot

John Calipari Just Cannot Even Deal With You Right Now

Here's A 6-Foot-11 High School Quarterback

Rutgers Asks Eric LeGrand To Speak At Commencement, Rescinds Invite

Woman Knocked Unconscious In Fan Fight Outside AT&T Park


Why Deadspin Sucks, By Former NFL Punter Chris Kluwe

Keith Olbermann Blasts Tony Dungy

Matthew McConaughey Rocks A Fanny Pack At Astros-Red Sox Game

Happy Golf Dog Should Be Atop The Open Leaderboard

A Non-Exhaustive List Of Johnny Manziel Dirt We Will Actually Pay For

Here is The Worst Possible Photo

The Twins' Bear Mascot Can Catch Balls With His Mouth

Leonys Martin's Method Of Wooing Ladies Is Rather Endearing

Rare Endangered Vuvuzela:

ESPN Reports On Who Is And Isn't Showering With Michael Sam

Four Bodies Found In Fire At James Blake's House


Why Deadspin Sucks, By Former NFL Punter Chris Kluwe

MLB Umpire Dale Scott Comes Out As Gay

Middle Schooler Puts Bleach In Opponents' Gatorade

Steve Smith Is Pissed

Report: Rob Bironas Tried To Run Multiple Cars Off Road Before Crash

ESPN Reports On Who Is And Isn't Showering With Michael Sam

Former NFL Cheerleader Allegedly Raped 15-Year-Old She Met On Instagram

A-Rod Paid His Cousin $900,000 To Shut Up About Steroids

Oscar Pistorius Vomits During Graphic Testimony At Murder Trial

Police Will Investigate Alleged Rape Of Missouri Swimmer

Woman gets Seahawks tattoo on head in bid to win free tickets in "team spirit" radio contest


Police: Michael Phelps Blew A .14 BAC

181 Dog Breeds On One Very Good Poster

Washington Players Paid Tribute To Michael Brown

The Cubs' 400-Pound Wrigley Cake Is Sitting In A Dumpster Right Now

Is CenturyLink Field Selling Watered-Down Beer?

Dead Boxer's Body Propped Up In Fake Boxing Ring For Wake

Cops: Tyler Thigpen Arrested After Falling Asleep At Wendy's Drive-Thru

Lindsey Vonn Is Just As Dumb And Humorless As Her Boyfriend Tiger Woods

…aw shit, close enough:

California Golf Coach Charged With 65 Counts Of Child Molestation


Wife Of Ravens Player Ponders Drake, Michael Sam, And Hitler


LeBron's Free Agency Circus Is Officially Underway

A Seahawks 747 Is Currently Flying A Giant "12" Over Washington State

Michael Sam Bailed A Fan Out On An Unpayable Twitter Bet

Hey, Roger, Get The Fuck Out

LeBron's Hair Is Gone Again. What The Hell?

Matt Lauer Asks Bob Costas If He'll Be Taking The Red-Eye Flight Home

Vancouver Papers Apologize For Describing Jordan Subban As "Dark Guy"

Same Sad Echo:

Report: The Bills Are Officially For Sale

The NBA Misplaced A Point For 20 Years

The Ravens Are Out Here Just Attributing Famous Quotes To Ray Lewis

That World Cup Trophy You Bought In Chinatown Might Be Fake

UConn's Starting Quarterback Has A Fantastic Mullet

No One Likes Jim Boeheim As Much As This Guy With A Jim Boeheim Tattoo

Tony Dungy Says He Wouldn't Want To "Deal With" Taking Michael Sam

The Greek Freak Goes Hunting For Blocks

This UNC Athlete's Paper Is A Joke. Who's To Blame?

All The Internet Clues That Point To LeBron Going To Cleveland

Samuel Eto'o's o-face:

Police Close Boston Marathon Finish Line, Detonate Unattended Backpacks


Watch This Former Gymnast Tear Up The Course On American Ninja Warrior

Lebanese Olympic Skier Under Fire For Topless Photoshoot

Philip Rivers Wears A Mullet Wig While Secretly Playing Softball

Nigerian Soccer Player Gets His Arm Busted By His Teammate's Shot

Watch These Fools Try To Shove A Gigantic Sofa Into A Very Tiny Car

Sgt. Hammerclaw:

Da Brat Ordered To Pay $6.4 Million For Assaulting Ex-NFL Cheerleader

Shipwreck's Parrot:

Here Is Some Very Important News About Dick Vitale


"Hi, Peter, What's New?" "Dead. Everyone Is Dead."


Female Running Back Tackled Multiple Times In Men's Pro Football Game

Steve U:

Who Is The Real Racist, According To The Internet?

Report: Rob Bironas Was Really, Really Drunk At Time Of Fatal Crash

What The Hell Is Going On With Donovan McNabb's Mug Shot? [Update]


Rick Reilly Writes A Love Letter To Derek Jeter's Unborn Children

Man Who Helped Kill Women's Pro Soccer Dies While Playing Soccer

Steve Smith Details Exactly How He'd Bully You At Lunch

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