A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Big things were happening at Gawrker in this, the year of our Lord, 2016. While other sites had a greater volume of articles, we at Gawrker put faith in the old adage, “it’s quality, not quantity.” Here are only a few highlights from a year of “incredible” “successes.”


We had a rebranding of the Site!

When 2016 began, we were still known as Sidespin - A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks. Thanks to the creativity and forethought of Same Sad Echo (real name: Angus McGillicuddy-Haggis), we made the switch to Gawrker. Mind you, it also helped that Gawker died and left us the name, albeit with one minor change. The transition was seamless, and the content continued to be mediocre.


We had more writers!

In most cases more does not equal better. That’s true here, but hey - we added some writers to the stable. Some contributors include, but are not limited to, notsomethingstructural, TheRevanchist, ZW Martin, Evil Roy Slade, Derry Murbles, Benoit....Balls, chid, OldBeigeGuy, rubdirtinittakealap, AMagicianNamedGod, Redmanprime7, and countless others who were cross-threaded (as well as the cross-threads themselves!) from other Gawker Media offshoots.


We had more and more feeble attempts!

If there was one constant, aside from the extremely mediocre content, it was the continued attempts at evening music-based groupchats, a-la DUAN. There’s failing, there’s failing miserably, and then there’s this. High five!


We had advertising!

Ok, no we didn’t.

We had Days of Peter Falk!

Yes, yes we did.

We had Clue Heywood!

Dude likes to get his drink on.

We had the Gawrker Writer of the Year!

Prolific writer and general all-around good guy and handsome man Freeman McNeil composed a prodigious amount of articles, resulting in many awards and accolades.


So that’s just a few of the highlights of Gawrker’s 2016. If I missed anyone or anything, my apologies*. Feel free to add your own thoughts down in our comments area. We really appreciate your feedback! (wanking motion)

*go fuck yourself.



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