He's a promising prospect who moved from Sampdoria to Inter over the summer. She's a famous supermodel with a sex tape. Together, they're a scandal.

Mauro Icardi is 20 years old. He's an Argentinian striker for Inter Milan, brought in over the summer for around 10 million Euros. He's considered a very talented player for the future. Did I mention he's 20 years old?

Icardi used to play for Sampdoria, a mid-level team in Italy's Serie A. While there, he was teammates with Maxi Lopez, a 29 year old striker, pictured on the right in the photo above, who briefly played for Barcelona. At the time, and possibly currently (it's unclear), Lopez was married to Wanda Nara (whom you should not search on Google images if you are at work). It's fairly common for soccer players to have attractive WAGs, even ones in more "adult" industries.

It's less common when one player starts a passionate relationship with another's wife, ex or not.

About three weeks ago, Icardi took to his Twitter, and his 300k+ followers, to get something off his chest. He was in love. With Wanda Nara. And not just in love, but head over heels enamored.



To really prove his devotion, he had her name tattooed on his forearm.

Soccer hasn't had a good cuckolding scandal since the days of John Terry and Wayne Bridge. It's unclear what sort of repercussions Icardi's behavior will have, and it's too soon to see if it will affect his play: he's been out for a month with a hernia.


But what is certain is he'll have an awkward match next time he suits up against Lopez and Sampdoria. And that the Italian media, already crazed over every one of the numerous scandals in calcio, will be there to track his every move. Today's Gazzetta dello Sport devoted a column to Icardi and Nara's activities in the lead-up to Inter's big game this weekend against Napoli. They describe Wanda's presence as a "cloud."

What's also almost guaranteed, unfortunately and inevitably, is that this isn't going to end well for him personally.

Athletes these days are have so few options; either they can be open on social media with their fans, or they can be private and lose valuable brand-building opportunities. Icardi seems to have a few goals here — he can brag about his sexual prowess AND rub it in the face of his peers.


But voluntarily exposing your love life as a 20 year old in the public spotlight is almost never a good idea. Especially when it's with a former teammate's wife.