A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

On a fine day not so long ago, well maybe a little while ago. A bit longer than you think, anyway. No, not that long ago. There you are.

One hundred of the strongest, nicest-haired, men you can picture were in a field. Don’t ask why, it’s not important.

One of the men pointed off to the hill in the distance. “Look”, he said, “there’s a dollar on that hill.” He ran directly towards the hill, to get the dollar. Duh.


As he approached the base of the hill, he was so distracted by the dollar that he didn’t notice the big damn hole right on front of him. And whaddyaknow? He fell right in. I suppose you could have guessed it.

A second man decided he would get the dollar. But, once again, he got to the base of the hill and, not once taking his eyes off the dollar, he fell in the hole too.

A third man figured it was his turn. Wouldn’t you believe it, he fell in the hole too.

One by one, the men all tried to get that dollar but kept falling in the hole. It was quite a sight. I’d describe it to you but you really had to be there.


Anyway, after about thirty-seven minutes or so there was only one man left. Spoiler alert: that man was me.

That man was me.

I walked to the base of the hill and fortunately the hole was now filled up with ninety-nine men. I stepped on the top man and about four of them said “ow”.


I got up to the top of the hill and saw that the dollar was taped really well to the ground, so I left it there.

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