A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Episode 1, titled “Chapter 1" of The Mandalorian premiered yesterday with the launch of Disney+. I decided to review each episode going forward. So be forewarned, there are some spoilers here.


The episode begins seven years after the events of Return of the Jedi, with the titular Mandalorian (a man with no name - so far) walking into a cantina on an unnamed planet. He encounters some local ruffians who are threatening a seemingly innocent bystander. The Mandalorian kicks their asses, and it appears he has helped the victim. However, it’s the victim he’s after to claim a bounty. The Mandalorian cuffs this guy and brings him to an awaiting ship. There, the quarry is frozen in carbonite and ready to be delivered.

The ship lands on another unnamed planet and we meet (super Star Warsy named) Greef Carga, played by Apollo “Carl Weathers” Creed. Carga offers the Mandalorian another job, but he has to go see another man about the details. After some exposition, the Mandalorian goes to a building to accept this new bounty.

As the Mandalorian enters this building, he’s greeted by a roomful of Stormtroopers. However, these Stormtroopers aren’t as shiny as their predecessors. Their armor, formerly pristine and white, is dirty and dissheveled. These troopers are surrounding a man known only as “The Client.” The Client, and a nervous associate named Dr. Pershing, seem to be leftovers from the old Empire. It’s as if they’re hanging out in the Outer Rim trying to hold the Empire together any way they can. These two want a 50-year-old bounty brought in, preferably alive, but dead is ok too but for a lesser price.

The Mandalorian, having accepted the job, travels to another planet where he’s met by an Ugnaught voiced by Nick Nolte. The Ugnaught leads our protagonist to the location of the bounty, but it seems they’re not alone. An IG assassin droid, IG-11, is there to collect the bounty as well. They team up and basically decimate the entire collection of guards protecting this quarry. After they enter the building to secure their bounty, it’s revealed that the bounty is...



IG-11 wants to eliminate the baby Yoda while the Mandalorian wants him alive, so the Mandalorian shoots IG-11 in the head, seemingly ending him. The episode ends with the Mando regarding the baby Yoda.



  • I don’t think IG-11 is actually terminated. It would be a waste of a cool character.
  • This baby Yoda has to be a force sensitive.
  • It’s only 39 minutes long. I hope this isn’t the norm.
  • This is totally a Western. The parallel between the Mandalorian and any Clint Eastwood character has to be intentional. 

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