A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Episode 2 of The Mandalorian, titled “The Child,” premiered over the weekend. Before you read any further, remember this review is rife with spoilers, so you’ve been warned.


Ok, so the episode begins almost immediately after the previous episode. The Mandalorian is walking Baby Yoda (for lack of a name, that’s what I’ll be calling him/her/it) back to his ship. Our antihero is ambushed by three Trandoshan bounty hunters. Trandoshans are the same species as Bossk, from The Empire Strikes Back. A pretty good fight ensues, with the Mandalorian coming out victorious. He is injured, however, and Baby Yoda tries a few times to heal him, and either the Mandalorian doesn’t notice, or just thinks the baby is coming out of his egg-crib, much like any toddler might crawl out of a bed. Anyhow, they get through the night and set out to get back to the Mandalorian’s ship.

When they get to the ship, however, they find it’s been stripped by Jawas. Curse those foul creatures! (shaking fist) The Mandalorian (fuck it, I’m just gonna call him Mando from now on) chases after the Sandcrawler and tries to scale it in order to recover his ship parts. He hilariously disintegrates a lot of Jawas in his quest but ultimately fails to overtake the Sandcrawler or reclaim his stuff. Well, this just sucks for Mando, or so he thinks.

Soon Piggy Nick Nolte, named Kuiil, comes to help mediate the dispute between Mando and the Jawas, and he’s finally able to get his stuff back... but he has to perform a task for the Jawas first. They want him to recover an egg from a big horned creature out in the caves. Mando goes out there, with Baby Yoda in tow, and he encounters the beast and it starts to kick the shit out of him. Just when things look bad for our protagonist, Baby Yoda uses the Force to stop the creature and levitate it, so that Mando can stabby-stab it in the neck and kill it. He then enters a cave and grabs up the egg for the Jawas.

Mando brings the egg back to the Jawas, and Baby Yoda falls into a really long and deep sleep from exerting himself. The Jawas attack this egg and eat it, and to be honest it’s kind of gross. The egg is like some big Cadbury Creme Egg but way more disgusting. Mando gets his parts back and he and Piggy fix his ship, allowing it to fly off and away from this craggy planet. I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of Piggy though. Face it, if you have Nick Nolte, you’re gonna use him more than twice. Or not. How the fuck should I know?



  • IG-11 wasn’t in this episode, but that doesn’t mean he’s gone for good.
  • Another short episode - what’s up with that?
  • It was interesting to see Mando keep checking on Baby Yoda to see if he/she/it is OK, just like a parent checks on a sick and/or sleeping child.
  • Two episodes in and I’m really impressed.

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