A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Episode 3 of The Mandalorian, titled “The Sin,” premiered over the weekend. Before you read any further, remember this review is rife with spoilers, so you’ve been warned.

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So the episode starts off with The Mandalorian returning to The Client to deliver his bounty, Baby Yoda (BY). As payment, The Client gives Mando an ice cream maker full of Beskar. This is really valuable metal, and when it’s forged into armor, it’s a hell of a defense against a variety of weapons. Before leaving both The Client and Baby Yoda, Mando asks what’s going to happen to BY. The Client reminds Mando that it’s none of his business, and that part of the Bounty Hunter Guild is that it’s of no concern what a client does with his/her bounty after delivery. Obviously, this doesn’t sit well with our protagonist.

The Mandalorian takes the Beskar to the Armorer and she makes him some sweet-ass armor, complete with “Little Birds,” which are tiny rockets that can shoot from his gauntlets... foreshadowing perhaps? Mando returns to see Greef Carga where he asks for, and receives, a new bounty job. Mando then goes back to his ship where he thinks and thinks and thinks upon the fate of Baby Yoda. He then makes the decision to go against the rules and rescue BY. This will have consequences.

Mando then proceeds to kick the shit out of some Stormtroopers on his way to steal back BY. This leads him back to Dr. Pershing who begs for his life, saying that he’s the only reason BY is still alive. Mando then has to fight his way through the dozens of Bounty Hunters who have been alerted to what he’s done. Now the hunter becomes the hunted. Suffice to say, Mando (with some help from other Mandalorians) escapes after this awesome action scene, and he and BY blast off from the planet and into the next episode.


  • This episode had a real heavy John Wick vibe.
  • That Beskar armor really pays dividends.
  • Mando donates the remaining Beskar to the Foundlings, as he was once one himself.
  • The scene where every Bounty Hunter’s buzzer goes off, alerting them as to what Mando has done and how he’s now wanted, was awesome.
  • Mando’s Disintegration Rifle is fucking badass.
  • Each episode so far is really intense, in both what is seen and what is unseen, what is said and what is unsaid.

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