A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Episode 4 of The Mandalorian, titled “Sanctuary,” premiered over the weekend. Before you read any further, remember this review is rife with spoilers, so you’ve been warned.


Man, this show just keeps getting better and better. Holy fuck. Anyhow, the episode starts out with Mando and BY trying to find a place that’s suitable to hide them from the myriad bounty hunters on their trail. Mando selects a small planet, one that’s seemingly inhabited by farmers and those living off the land (and water). There doesn’t seem to be any mechanization or huge cities on the planet, so they set down. Also, BY keeps playing with the buttons on Mando’s ship and I gotta admit - it’s kind of funny and true.

So Mando lands and heads to a restaurant where he spies another bounty hunter. He asks the server to keep an eye on BY and he goes after the other hunter. She’s hiding outside and jumps him and a fairly even fight ensues. Just as they come to a stalemate, they both look over to the side and BY is all like...


Anyhow, Mando thought the bounty hunter, a woman named Cara Dune, was looking for him, and she thought he was looking for her. So it’s decided that he’ll leave the planet. Before he can though, some locals approach him about protecting them from some violent raiders. Mando says no thanks until he learns that their little hamlet is very remote - which would be the perfect spot to avoid any bounty hunters looking for BY.


Mando recruits Cara and they train the villagers (who, in true Hollywood style, have NO idea how to defend themselves) to help them help themselves. The village kids take to BY pretty well, and they play with him and watch over him while Mando and Cara scout the enemies. In their scouting mission, it’s discovered that the raiders have their very own AT-ST, which can wipe out groups of gathered militant villagers quicker than you can say “Jim Spanfeller is a Herb.” Anyhow after some hemming and hawing (mostly hawing), Mando and Cara create their plan and engage the enemy.

Long story short, Mando and the villagers win and Mando and BY stay there for a few weeks... until a bounty hunter shows up and almost kills BY. Cara kills this guy and Mando decides they can’t stay there after all. Mando is bummed, as he’s got some sort of thing-thing going on with a woman in the village named Omera. Maybe she’ll show up again, maybe not. Mando and BY leave, Cara leaves too, and the episode concludes.



  • BY fucking with the buttons on Mando’s ship was funny.
  • Cara Dune is a bad motherfucker.
  • Mando almost let Omera take his helmet off, but he stops her. He does, however, remove it himself in order to eat. He just can’t let anyone else see him without it or he can’t put it back on.
  • BY will eat any animal on any planet. He almost ate a live frog before the village kids made “ewwww” noises and he spits it out.
  • Even though the episodes are short, this series is off to a really good start.

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