Earlier in the day, I had been bummed to miss out on Sniejderman's Before and After game. To console myself, I raided the bag of penny candy my daughter had picked out a couple of weeks ago.

Because she's only three and doesn't understand good candy, she had picked out a bunch of Chiclets. I guess I had puns on the brain, because Chiclet's Get It On just popped into my head immediately. "Hey!" I thought, "Maybe I could make a game out of this!"

Payday-O came pretty easily, but then I hit the dreaded writer's block. I had to google image search for "candy" to get some inspiration. A lot of candies don't lend themselves well because they either aren't real words or end in "ers" or something similar. Stupid candy names.

In the end though, with a whole lot of patience, hard work, and flat-out genius, I managed to create the world's greatest quiz. Thanks to all who played, but maybe next time try not to have so many stupid guesses, ok? Looking at you, RMJ=H.