A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Dear all:

You know me as someone who is willing to get involved in some pretty stupid things. Deadspin commenting, for example, and Twitter. The Idiots Pool. That hockey thing that nobody cared about.

What I’m proposing today is something even stupider than that. I’m not going to divulge all of the details at this point, but I will say that it’s even stupider than fantasy sports, although it is, in and of itself, a fantasy league.


You see, ever since I was a child, I have enjoyed organizing and managing fictional leagues. As a kid, I used to create entire fictional sports leagues, with rosters of imaginary players, full balanced schedules, the whole deal. Notebooks full of this stuff. I’d rarely actually play the leagues through, I just enjoyed the process of putting it all together. Hell, the few of you that saw the spreadsheets that I put together for the Idiots Pool saw a glimpse of this. It’s a pointless hobby, but I enjoy it for some reason. Keeps me off the streets, anyway.

Anyway, here’s the deal. I will need eight volunteers to participate as team managers in this fantasy league. I’m hoping to start play within a month or so and I’ll get the details out as time allows. I’m still working on building the simulation and stats sheets, all in spreadsheet form.

This will run for about 4 months. Each team will play once weekly. There will be a very limited amount of time involved but it will be more fun if you are willing to put in a few minutes a week into maintaining and managing your team - about the amount of time it would take to manage a fantasy football team if you were really casual about it - like you kind of cared if you won but not enough to research it or anything.

Drop an application in the comments below, or by Twitter DM. If there are enough applicants I will decide who’s in based on how much I know you and who I think will enjoy it the most.


Keep in mind, this is dumb as hell.

UPDATE (July 10): By way of giving a bit more detail, in this league, you will be controlling a fantasy roster comprised of real historical/political/sports figures engaged in competition against one another, in a team setting. To that end, I need to create a list of competitors for the league. Leave your suggestions in the comments and I will incorporate the best ones into the league. More details to follow by Monday.

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